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Jun 16, 2020

Redpoint Global and Lucerna Health Join Forces to Advance Consumerism in Healthcare for Payers and Providers

The digital transformation of the healthcare industry has been underway for years, but we are now seeing a rapid acceleration of new engagement models as a repercussion of the global pandemic.   Healthcare consumers now expect on-demand services, personalization and seamless customer journeys, much as they have come to appreciate in retail and other sectors.

Today, Redpoint Global and Lucerna Health announced an expansion of their strategic alliance: offering a solution that combines Redpoint’s leading customer engagement software rg1 with Lucerna’s Healthcare Data Platform (HDP), the partnership addresses these consumer driven market needs. The acceleration of telehealth combined with new value-based care reimbursement models are creating a seismic shift toward healthcare consumerism, calling for an innovative patient engagement solution that fundamentally changes the healthcare experience for all stakeholders. The Redpoint and Lucerna platform enables better consumer-centric experiences while also achieving higher revenue and lower costs for payers and providers.

Experience Better Healthcare

Redpoint has experience helping healthcare brands across the entire healthcare lifecycle, with more than 150 million U.S. consumers being served by the Redpoint platform. The uses include new member acquisition, onboarding, care logistics, chronic care coordination, prescription adherence, ongoing wellness and healthy patient engagement across a wide range of health insurance payers, hospital systems, primary care providers, health services companies and some of the world’s largest retail pharmacies.

Flexible and built for scale, the Redpoint rg1 solution offers enterprise-class software to integrate consumer data, automate personalized interactions and optimize orchestration of patient engagement across all touchpoints. Lucerna’s HDP integrates payer, provider and EMR data to operate value-based care models and create the most effective patient engagement journeys. The combined solution includes a secured data platform and the expertise to help payers and providers effectively engage today’s healthcare consumer.

Transforming the Healthcare Journey

Deloitte Consulting surveyed 1,159 health care consumers to understand the emotional toll of the pandemic and how their attitudes and behaviors in managing their health are changing. The results show that now, more than ever before, consumers want personalized recommendations that enable members and patients to make informed decisions and feel ownership in directing their health. To enable this, consumers now are much more willing to share data with healthcare organizations. The survey found that 69 percent of consumers are now open to sharing personal health information with their health plan, while 71 percent are willing to sharing with their preferred local health care system.

Helping manage the healthcare consumer’s journey in a dynamic way can have major impacts. Working together over the past several years, Redpoint and Lucerna Health have collaborated to manage patient engagement for a number of healthcare entities. For example, Sanitas USA has already realized dramatic results for patients and medical center operations, including 4x improvement in closing care gaps in high-risk patients, 3x improvement in new patient wellness visits and a 320 percent increase in program enrollment for on-demand telehealth services.

These positive outcomes are among the dozens of healthcare engagement use cases that the platform supports across the healthcare ecosystem. Healthcare organizations can achieve these results while leaving their existing systems in place, leading to high speed-to-value. With the expanded partnership the companies will continue to serve the needs of this market for years to come.

Craig Thomas, CEO of Lucerna Health says, “The integrated offering from Redpoint and Lucerna will help transform the customer engagement solutions available in a fragmented healthcare system, particularly for payers and providers who are focused on working together to win in a value-based care environment.”


The Data-Driven Acceleration of the Consumer Healthcare Journey

A Dynamic Healthcare Journey Deserves a Coordinated, Personalized Approach

Reduce Gaps in Care and Drive Better Health Outcomes with Personalized Engagement 

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