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May 24, 2022

Redpoint Appoints Chief Information Security Officer

The risk of steep financial penalties and reputational damage make securing customer data a priority for any organization with a brand-consumer dynamic. Security is also top of mind for consumers, who expect brands to safeguard their data, protect their privacy, and honor their permissions for how their personal data is collected, shared, and used.

In a recent KPMG survey, 86 percent of consumers said that data privacy is a growing concern, with 68 percent expressing concern with the level of data being collected and 40 percent saying that they do not trust companies to ethically use their data.

Redpoint’s commitment to ensuring customer data remains private and secure was bolstered with the announcement today that Ron Sanderson has been promoted to Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). One of the earliest Redpoint employees, Sanderson has spearheaded SOC 2 compliance and HIPAA certification. Most recently serving as the company’s Director of Information Security, Sanderson’s responsibilities include overseeing InfoSec awareness training and leading initiatives to build out Redpoint’s Information Security capabilities from the ground up.

As CISO, Sanderson will continue to strengthen Redpoint’s security and privacy approach as the company offers further cloud native offerings to some of the world’s leading retailers, healthcare organizations, and financial institutions.

As the KPMG survey makes clear, businesses are hyper-aware of the need to bolster security measures – with 62 percent of business leaders agreeing that their company should do more to strengthen existing data protection measures. And 33 percent agreed that consumers should be concerned about how their personal data is used by their company.

For more Redpoint’s approach to data privacy and security, here is the link to today’s press release announcing Sanderson’s promotion.

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