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Nov 4, 2021

A Quick-Hitting Guide to Customer Experience Gaps

Across four dimensions of customer experience – customer understanding, personalization, privacy and omnichannel consistency – marketers believe they are delivering a better experience than consumers give them credit for.

That disconnect, with a roughly 2X gap between marketers’ and consumers’ assessment of the ability of marketers to deliver an “excellent” experience across those four dimensions, is one of the key findings of new research from Harris Poll in a survey commissioned by Redpoint Global.

Published last month, “Revisiting the Gaps in Customer Experience” explores the state of CX today, probing marketing strategies, consumer expectations, challenges, technologies, and the shifting landscape. Among some facets of CX, comparisons were drawn between how marketers are doing now vs. in 2019 when initial research was conducted on the topic. The report also sheds light on new trends, such as how marketers are coping with the fallout from Covid-19 and their plans for adapting to the loss of third-party cookies.

The Customer Experience Infographic provides a one-page summary of more key findings. Download the infographic here for a quick glance at some of the important findings, including:

  • Marketers are roughly twice as likely as consumers to say they are delivering an “excellent” customer experience
  • Consumers rank privacy as the biggest CX challenge; marketers rate data quality as the top challenge
  • Data quality also scores as the top area of increased MarTech investment, cited by 63 percent of marketers as the No. 1 focus (AI, personalization, and real-time engagement followed)
  • A majority of marketers agree that it has become increasingly difficult to manage the number of customer touchpoints they have
  • While only 49 percent of marketers are “very confident” in the quality of their customer data, just 18 percent of consumers share that sentiment
  • A greater focus on delivering an omnichannel CX, and a need to integrate on-line and off-line channels rank as the top two ways CX strategy will evolve over the next 12 months
  • A majority (66 percent) of consumers say that they are willing to trade more information about themselves in exchange for a more valuable CX
  • Majorities of both consumers and marketers agree that brands struggle to meet consumer expectations for personalized experiences

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