Data Management & Quality

Unlock the Value in Your Data to Gain New Insights

The Data Management and Quality solution ingests, cleanses, transforms, and integrates data with persistent keys to create and continuously update a golden record for each customer. Now you can operationalize the use of data to generate business-changing insights across your enterprise in a cadence that keeps up with the speed of the customer.

Any Data, Any Source

RedPoint provides an open garden approach to integrate all data sources, types, and formats, thanks to hundreds of out-of-the-box connectors and easily configured customizable connectors. Achieve unprecedented speed, efficiency, and accuracy as you extract, transform, and aggregate any data. RedPoint helps you rapidly cleanse data with standardization, geocoding, advanced matching, linking, and more – all while maintaining persistent keys to ensure quality.

Greater Efficiency and Productivity

RedPoint’s intuitive interface helps you get the job done faster with reusable functions – prebuilt and configurable – w­­ith lights-out automation for even the most complex data flows. With RedPoint, a single integrated application provides a single point of control to avoid the mistakes and inefficiencies that arise from managing data quality and data integration separately.

Superior Data Quality and Hygiene

Use advanced probabilistic, deterministic, and heuristic matching (more than 375 built-in functions) to easily identify, match, link, and de-duplicate files and standardize and correct data for more than 200 countries. RedPoint functions operate across traditional databases, Hadoop, and other NoSQL databases to seamlessly process data in one, easy-to-use (drag-and-drop) interface with no coding.

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