Customer Data Platform

Bring together all available data to create actionable 360-degree views of each customer and engage in more relevant ways.

Incorporate Any Data Source

Customer Data PlatformRedPoint’s powerful data technology helps you automatically tap into any and all data types and sources: structured or unstructured, anonymous to known. It’s all driven by RedPoint’s advanced data ingestion, matching and data quality, access layer, and industry-leading master data management capabilities.

Build Customer Identity

RedPoint offers the most powerful data quality, identity resolution, and master data management tools available. Using our probabilistic and deterministic matching algorithms, you can create a “golden record” – the singular, complete, precise, and continuously updated view of each customer while maintaining a persistent key.

Support for Big Data Fabric

With RedPoint, all your data is available – at the enterprise scale and speed you need – to all applications and business functions that engage with customers. Our customer data platform is certified on all major Hadoop distributions and cloud infrastructures and also includes native drivers to all leading traditional databases.

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While they’re intensifying, business-data challenges aren’t new. Companies have tried several strategies in their attempt to harness the power of data in ways that are feasible and effective.

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