Customer Data Platform

Bring together all data sources to create a single customer view and enable personalized customer experiences.

Single Point of Control for Customer Data

The RedPoint Customer Data Platform™ provides a single point of control over customer data, connecting all types and sources of customer data – first-, second-, and third-party, batch or streaming – in real time. The RedPoint Customer Data Platform makes the unified customer view accessible across the enterprise to drive more contextually relevant interactions in cadence with the customer.

Solve Customer Identity Challenges

The RedPoint Customer Data Platform provides the most powerful set of advanced data quality, identity resolution, matching, and master data management (MDM) capabilities available on the market today. Using RedPoint’s probabilistic and deterministic matching algorithms, you can create a “Golden Record,” – singular, accurate, and continuously updated view of each customer that is maintained with a persistent key.

Support for Big Data Processing

The RedPoint Customer Data Platform (CDP) performs data ingestion and integration across all sources and types of data – whether batch or streaming, internal or external, structured or unstructured – that provides an always-on, always-updating customer profile, i.e., a golden record. This data is continually available at low latency to all touchpoints and users across the enterprise. RedPoint’s CDP is certified on all cloud infrastructures, Hadoop distributions, and leading databases.

Key Benefits of the RedPoint Customer Data Platform

RedPoint’s CDP delivers a single customer view that yields quantified value to a wide spectrum of organizations around the globe.

      • Optimize campaign performance metrics: Create progressive customer profiles that deliver highly personalized engagement to lower customer interaction costs while increasing revenue.
      • Reduces data prep time: With powerful pre-built data functions and hundreds of out-of-the-box API connectors, the RedPoint Customer Data Platform reduces manual processes for data preparation by 80 percent.
      • Data accessibility across the enterprise: The RedPoint Customer Data Platform provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that requires no coding skills to operate.
      • Operates at the speed of the customer: Process customer data and make it continuously available to the entire organization in real time with near-zero latency.
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