Customer Data Platform

The Single Point of Control and Trust

What is a Customer Data Platform?

A customer data platform is a marketing system that provides a single point of real-time control over customer data (batch and streaming), by unifying all types and sources, including first-, second-, and third-party data. The CDP serves up a unified customer view accessible across the enterprise to drive more contextually relevant interactions in cadence with the customer.

The Modern Marketing Platform for Brands

Customers want their brands to deliver targeted, highly-personalized buying experiences – across all channels. In order to achieve that level of omnichannel personalization, you need a purpose-built customer data platform.

A purpose-built customer data platform is specifically designed for handling all customer data to provide the scalability, cadence, and flexibility needed to engage with connected customers. CDPs can quickly unify data and eliminate gaps and redundancies to help you overcome the growing complexity of engaging with customers in real time across multiple touchpoints in a fast-changing marketing environment.

Signs you need to modernize your marketing stack with a CDP:

  • You can’t recognize customers as they engage across multiple social, online, and offline touchpoints
  • Your offers are largely uninformed, impersonal, and disconnected
  • Your segments are too broad for meaningful personalization
  • You miss opportunities to convert customers and cross-sell/upsell to increase share-of-wallet
  • You don’t know where to start to increase customer engagement

Without knowing everything you can about your customers today, it is impossible to deliver the personalized experience they demand. Instead, your customers are likely being turned off by inconsistent, irrelevant, or repetitious offers and communications across touchpoints – leading to less engagement and higher attrition. Integrating a customer data platform into your marketing stack can help generate relevant customer experiences and increase loyalty over time.


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Benefits of the Redpoint Customer Data Platform™

Customers want – and are willing to pay more for – a better buying experience. With the Redpoint Customer Data Platform, you can achieve rapid and meaningful benefits:

  • A single point of control for customer data – Connect all types and sources of customer data in real time to create a unified customer view that’s accessible across the enterprise to drive more contextually relevant interactions in cadence with your customer.
  • Operate at the speed of the customer – Process all types of customer data and makes it continuously available to your entire organization in real time with near-zero latency.
  • Resolve customer identity – Our customer data platform creates a singular, accurate, and continuously updated view of each customer (the “golden record”) through probabilistic and deterministic matching algorithms that is then maintained with a persistent key.
  • Support all your data – Ingest and integrate all sources and types of data – batch or streaming, internal or external, structured or unstructured (and even high-volume streaming sources). The result: an always-updating customer profile.
  • Optimize campaigns with progressive profiles – Create progressive customer profiles that deliver highly-personalized engagement to lower customer interaction costs and increase revenue.
  • Accelerate data preparation – Reduce manual data prep processes by 80 percent with Redpoint CDP’s prebuilt functions and hundreds of out-of-the-box API connectors.
  • Simplify data stewardship – Easy-to-use web interface and workflows for corrections, review, and escalation.

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Access, Unify, Orchestrate

With the Redpoint Customer Data Platform, you can build and manage a single view of the customer that is fundamental to orchestrating relevant messages and actions that underpin a personalized customer experience and increase engagement.

CapabilityWhat Redpoint’s CDP DoesHow Redpoint’s CDP Supports the Customer Experience
Data CollectionAccepts large volumes of data from any source, stores it in a usable format, provides tables, and shows relationshipsCreate a central point of real-time access to key customer data for anyone across the organization
Data UnificationBrings together disparate data about each customer, such as associate ID, account ID, and email. Allows for chaining and appending external data.Builds and maintains an always updated golden record of each customer.
IntegrationConnects with internal and external systems through APIs and data queriesSupports ID management and cross-device and cross-record matching, for more complete and accurate customer records, as well as fewer redundant records.
ActivationProvides API for notification and data access to all customer-facing applicationsSupport decisions, personalization, and engagement across the customer journey in CRM, marketing stack, and other engagement touchpoints


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