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Redpoint & Snowflake: a winning combination

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Key Benefits

With Redpoint and Snowflake together, no data persists outside of Snowflake’s controls. The Redpoint CDP operates directly on top of your Snowflake Data Cloud, for a data-in-place operation that doesn’t sacrifice any of your CDP requirements. Marketers can easily access their unified customer profile data quickly, efficiently, and securely with minimal IT overhead. There’s no data mapping or copying data, which eliminates friction and costs.

Unparalleled Strength Together

Redpoint’s industry-leading data quality and identity resolution capabilities make the data in Snowflake better, while Snowflake gives your IT team full data governance with minimal overhead.

Composability Done Right

With Snowflake and Redpoint together, you already have all the tools you need. Accomplish all of the core CDP tasks (from data ingestion to segmentation) in one place, without the need for any additional coding.

Ultimate Data Flexibility

Control your data the way you want to meet your need for security and simplicity. Adaptable for private, SaaS, and hybrid architectures.

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