Interaction Design

Build cross-channel dynamic content with assets, rules and machine learning models to dynamically match images and messages to the right customers in every channel.

The rg1 Difference

Design real-time experiences in one place for consistent and unified interactions across all touchpoints. Journeys can cross web, mobile, dynamic email, and include human-mediated interactions like call center, in-store, front-desk, and branch. All these are designed and managed consistently in rg1 to meet customer and marketer goals. Easily give your customers consistent, relevant experiences.

Omnichannel Real-Time

Bridge silos – data, design, and execution – with dynamic rules and assets for better marketing outcomes.

Agile Design for Relevance

Personalization starts with agile design, building experiences with context for all your use cases, channels, and marketing goals.

Context Across the Enterprise

From content and ecommerce to CRM and mobile, rg1 real-time APIs let you build experiences with all your data and content for all your touchpoints.

Real-Time Decision Building

rg1’s powerful design canvas and decision framework support every journey and interaction, inbound and outbound. rg1 gives you the agility to handle all your existing needs and the flexibility to include new channels, models, and decision points.

Build interactions that will engage customers on every channel with decisions, images, product recommendations, offers, and messages that work wherever the customer is.

Design contextual experiences that balance marketer goals and customer journeys with real-time data, decisions, and connectivity.

Define interaction goals and decisions with rules and models from rg1 or your choice of cloud ML frameworks, and use our APIs to orchestrate actions across systems and touchpoints.

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How Do You Get Real-Time Right?

A real-time experience is only as good as its stalest link. rg1 offers real time at every layer: a single customer view that is always-on and always updating with real-time customer data collected from all martech touchpoints and enterprise data sources; real-time decisioning and machine learning (including Bring Your Own Models / Analytics) to analyze your data and generate your next-best action at the cadence of the customer; and real-time intelligent orchestration to deploy campaigns at the speed you need.

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