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Jun 20, 2023

Unlocking Personalized Care: Half of Consumers Believe Digital Tools Hold the Key to Better Health

Wellesley, Mass. – June 20, 2023 – Redpoint Global, a leading software provider that helps brands deliver revenue-generating, personalized customer experiences, today announced new research revealing that healthcare consumers are increasingly turning to digital tools to engage with healthcare payers and providers. Consumers also stressed the importance of a seamless digital experience in their relationships with healthcare providers.

Precisely half of consumers surveyed said they believe that using digital tools in healthcare can help them take better care of their health. Examples include receiving prescription reminders on a mobile app, or receiving personalized health recommendations based on medical history. More than half (57%) of consumers said they are using digital tools to engage with healthcare providers and health insurance plans more than they have previously. With the rise in digital engagement, healthcare consumers stressed there is still an expectation for personalized experiences. The majority of consumers (62%) said that they expect online communications from their healthcare insurer and provider to match the in-person experiences they receive in terms of relevance and consistency.

In fact, consumers cited complex or confusing experiences, including digital tools being hard to use or understand, as the No. 1 reason they would consider changing their healthcare provider. This was followed, respectively, by an inconsistent experience across channels, and engagements with a provider that are not personalized. Consumers also cited a provider lacking an understanding of them as an individual, beyond their health record, as a top five reason they would consider switching providers. The survey defined a “lack of understanding” in terms of a provider understanding the patient’s social determinants of health, specifically not knowing that where a patient lives or their financial situation may influence the type of care they need.

“With an increase in the use of digital tools, patients continue to expect relevant, consistent experiences from their healthcare providers and insurers across all channels,” said John Nash, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer for Redpoint Global. “This underlines the importance for healthcare organizations to know everything there is to know about a consumer to meet the expectation for timely, personalized experiences, particularly as healthcare journeys become more complex. Redpoint works with some of the most trusted names in healthcare to deliver a comprehensive golden record for each healthcare consumer. A real-time, single customer view of each patient unlocks services and communication in the relevant channel at the cadence each person requires.”

The research also reveals that a majority of consumers (68%) believe that AI has the potential to enhance healthcare, specifically when it comes to more efficient provider/insurer communications. Its use, though, should not come at the expense of patient privacy, with (45%) claiming that AI should not be used if it will put privacy at risk.

This survey was conducted via Dynata Research in May 2023, and targeted 1,000 U.S.-based consumers over 18 years of age. For complete survey methodology, email [email protected].

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