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Apr 9, 2024

Redpoint Global’s New Brand and Website Provide Clarity on What it Means to be a CDP

WELLESLEY, Mass. – Redpoint Global, a leading customer data platform (CDP) software provider that helps brands ignite their data to deliver revenue-generating, personalized customer experiences, today unveiled a new website and branding that reflects a renewed purpose to bring clarity to the CDP landscape. Redpoint’s new brand identity and website provide an industry resource that empowers CX professionals with a clear-cut, deeper knowledge of what defines a true CDP and how to leverage it for success.

We’ve launched our new website to help companies wade through the market confusion and provide clarity what it means to be a real CDP. Recognizing that too many brands have taken missteps and deployed CDPs that have failed to deliver results and/or failed to deliver flexibility to adapt new uses cases as their CX initiatives evolve, Redpoint aims to help companies get it right the first time with an outcomes-driven approach that clearly outlines which capabilities are required to drive different use cases, value propositions, and technology approaches.

Buy Your Second CDP First

Our new website and content reflect our unmatched product and outcome-driven vision. The Redpoint CDP is the most complete composable CDP – one that gets your data right, makes it easy to use, and evolves with your use cases and technology stack. The Redpoint CDP also gives marketers the freedom of choice for where their data resides. We meet companies where they are today, whatever their CX initiatives and however their MarTech stack is configured. More importantly, we meet companies where they’ll be tomorrow. As business, use cases and technology needs evolve and new trends emerge, Redpoint’s CDP enables companies to capture new opportunities without having to make new investments, or to give up on existing ones.

The right customer data, processed with automated data quality is the underpinning of any great CDP.  With the flexibility to run the Redpoint CDP in any technical environment – as a SaaS, on a data cloud or a private cloud/on-premises – data quality and tunable identity resolution processes are completed the moment data is ingested into the system. Your data is fit and ready for business use when you need it to be, powering omnichannel personalized experiences using the industry’s best Golden Record. And with AI-driven dynamic segmentation in a no-code environment, we leave data science to the data scientists and innovative, data-driven marketing to marketers.

“The CDP market has splintered where too many vendors over-promise and under-deliver, particularly with vendors that have ill-adapted their technology to go after this market simply because of its growth rate. That time is past. Marketers expect CDP technology that solves for rich use cases, is easy for marketers to run and manage, and evolves as their CX initiatives and technology evolve. Customers and customer journeys are dynamic, and to deliver on the promise and expectation of personalized experiences brands need a CDP that readily adapts to day-to-day business change. Redpoint is committed to bringing clarity to how the right CDP will address the needs of today’s dynamic businesses,” says John Nash, Redpoint Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer.

A CDP for a Differentiated CX

If you’re curious about why leading global brands including Ralph Lauren, American Express, Cigna Health, Freedom Mortgage, Avis Budget, SoFi and many more entrust CX to Redpoint, check out a demo. Or, for a view of our new look, visit the new website to learn more about:

  • No-code segmentation – Maybe your marketers don’t want to become data scientists.
  • Built-in data quality – Data that’s ready for business use when you need it, if not before.
  • Tunable identity resolution – Differentiating a customer or household always matters. Sometimes more than others.
  • Data observability – Don’t let your customers discover your data issues.
  • Flexible data/data ops framework – Composability that suits your evolving business needs.

Redpoint. When you’re ready to buy your second CDP first.

About Redpoint Global – Redpoint helps innovative companies ignite the full potential of data to drive superior customer experiences across the enterprise. The Redpoint CDP creates the most complete, timely and accurate unified customer profile to power any business use case, using industry-leading data quality and identity resolution combined with dynamic, no-code segmentation and activation. Marketers and CX leaders rely on Redpoint to fuel hyper-personalized experiences that yield tangible ROI in customer acquisition, engagement, loyalty and retention. To learn more, visit