Triggered Actions

Closer listening. Better response. Heightened CX.                                                

Key Benefits

Intelligently respond to customer, business and situational signals – from anywhere across the enterprise – and create customer moments that are perfectly timed, relevant and welcomed. Automate responses based on any calculation, and precisely target the right individual customers, to achieve business outcomes with unmatched efficiency. Sustain customer conversations throughout every journey, guiding every individual into an enduring, rewarding customer relationship. Maximize marketing performance with improved response rates, accelerated revenue generation, increased engagement, and compelling customer experiences.

Engage every member of every audience.

Send personalized responses via every customer's preferred channel to naturally extend & enhance each individual journey.

Create value in every moment.

Leverage cross-channel insights to send thoughtful and contextually point-in-time communications.

Nurture naturally.

Deepen individual customer relationships with purposeful, demonstrable listening to customer intent.

“Redpoint® enables us to create complex communications through different channels, times and triggers to enhance each other.”

Mike Taschuk

Director, Marketing Client Operations at GuideWell Connect

Key Highlights

Acute listening. Maximum leverage.

rgOne is configurable to listen for signals across the entire enterprise and can include internal or external machine learning models. Calculations are made at the precise moment of every signal capture, and responses are triggered to meet the action – and the individual.

  • Reduce churn, increase conversion, drive acquisition, and lift CLV
  • Easily create campaigns for any audience segment and every individual customer journey
  • Fully accommodate and match individual customer frequency, channel and media preferences

Perfect relevance in every moment.

With rgOne’s intelligent orchestration, you hyper-personalize trigger campaigns by matching next-best actions to triggered events. The result is individualized recommendations, time-sensitive reminders, and richer cross-sell opportunities – all dynamically tuned to optimize every individual customer journey.

  • Increase conversions in abandoned carts
  • Deploy location-based triggers to seize missed opportunities
  • Sustain customer dialogue via triggers set for specific customer action, or even inaction

Perfect experiences. Designed at scale.

From simple to impossibly complex, rgOne smartly configures the context for every trigger, precisely calculates attributes against your established metrics, and individualizes every message for every customer. Moreover, constantly updated contact graphs let you listen for signals across the enterprise – and perfectly respond to meet every individual on every journey.

  • Effortlessly create multi-trigger campaigns spanning every channel and media
  • Instantly adjust attribute thresholds and listening queue frequency
  • Reliably monitor KPIs and quickly make data-informed adjustments

Start easily, succeed enviably.

With rgOne, you can build highly successful campaigns that begin on a small scale – with simple triggers – and grow over time to be highly variable with perfectly matched relevance to customer journeys.

  • Trigger analysis via A/B testing provides intuitive visualizations of ORs, CTRs, and other KPI’s
  • Resource allocations are optimized and visible
  • Operational efficiency is heightened and sustained across and within marketing teams


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Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint® can put your goals within reach.

Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint can put your goals within reach.

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