Audience Segmentation

Configure rules to easily identify and target specific customer groups.

Key Benefits

Easily create broad or narrow audience segments using aggregated customer data from across your enterprise. And once created, those segments are easily integrated into any campaign or journey — so you can deliver the most highly personalized experiences. And drive higher revenue, lower interaction costs and tangible ROI.

True audiences of one.

Access robust data and design segments with extreme flexibility — so you can manage highly granular segments, even down to the level of every individual.

Relevance in real time.

Because your customer segments are dynamically rule-defined, you can stage more relevant offers and messages. And deliver them in real time.

Easily seen and understood.

You can visualize your segments in nearly any way you prefer: tables, Venn diagrams, clustering diagrams or other.

““The average age of our customer is 55+; many are married, and at the peaks of their careers. They’re getting ready to retire. If they have children at home, they may soon become empty-nesters, With Redpoint®, we can follow these lifecycle stages very closely, so that we can optimize our marketing spend promoting the right offer to the right audience. ””

Andrew Heltzel

Director for Marketing and CRM at Xanterra Parks and Resorts

Key Highlights

Update dynamically.

Dynamically update every segment in real time with a rules-based approach. List-based approaches are outdated the moment you run them — so rgOne® is engineered to cut your segments dynamically.

  • Adjust to customers in-session behavior or journey stage
  • Account for the latest customer scores, such as LTV
  • Score content, channel and attributes
  • Respond to non-customer externalities, such as product availability

Engage universally.

Avoid the time and burdens in building segments for specific channels. With rgOne, you can universally access every audience segment you create — and be more strategic in how you engage individual customers in any touchpoint.

  • Inbound: Web, Mobile Apps, Call Centers, Kiosks
  • Outbound: Email, SMS, Direct Mail
  • Other Channels: Online Ads, IoT Devices, Front-line Workers

Every segment. Adjusted and adapted.

rgOne lets you define, execute and monitor customer segments in the most highly adaptive ways — so you can quickly adjust to changes in consumer behavior and market conditions.

  • Operate granular controls for quickly defining audiences
  • Create segments from a visualization, such as a Venn diagram
  • Lean on machine learning to determine best channels and offers per segment
  • Recalculate segments in real time for multistep campaigns

Every segment. Known and unknown.

Yes, you can easily target known customer segments and anonymized prospects — at the same time.

  • Execute highly targeted online advertising campaigns
  • Use ad measurement data to calculate affinity scores
  • Personalize web experiences for first-time visitors

Segment reliably.

When you create audience segments with rgOne, powerful machine learning capabilities will identify key patterns in large volumes of data — to spot customer inclination and receptivity.

  • To be retained as a customer
  • To respond to a promotion
  • To rebook travel
  • To purchase a home or begin retirement
  • To churn out of a healthcare plan

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Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint can put your goals within reach.

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