Real-Time Personalization

Give customers something truly unique: relevant interactions informed by real-time data at every touchpoint.

Defining Real-Time Personalization

Simply put, real-time personalization is the ability for a company to present contextually relevant content to each customer or prospect at any interaction point. The ability to personalize content such as offers and recommendations in real time starts with a real-time, 360-degree view of customers.

Real-time personalization is about empathically understanding each customer, where he or she is in their journey, and delivering an experience that adds value. It also includes timely, personalized offers and recommendations, which build customer loyalty and help boost lifetime value. So, automating the selection of each next-best action in the moment of engagement with an individual customer is essential to not only ensure, but also maximize customer satisfaction and revenue.

Real-time data updates enable marketers to create the differentiated messages that personalize each interaction at the cadence of each customer. But, you can’t be truly real time if your database connections, machine learning, and orchestration layer aren’t also real time. In other words, you’re only as real time as your slowest connection.

“Taking time to deliver personalized experiences for customers drives loyalty and fosters a strong positive sentiment of the company. We know to build lasting customer relationships; we need the most accurate real-time customer data accessible through a continually updated single customer view. Redpoint’s rgOne® platform will be a fundamental element to help deliver this type of personalization at scale.”

Phil Bienert

Chief Marketing Officer at 1-800 Contacts

Key Benefits

Customers take the expectations set by their best experience, whether it be with your brand or another one, and apply them everywhere else. With Redpoint’s real-time personalization capabilities, you can be the one to set the bar—delivering relevant offers in real time for customers and real revenue increases for your company.

Create Customer Stickiness

Boost satisfaction and value by demonstrating your distinct knowledge of what customers want and expect. The best forms of real-time personalization are often subtle and improve the user’s experience; e.g., helping them discover new products or complete a task faster, or providing support wherever they are in their journey.

See Outsized Revenue Gains

Fine-tune your up- and cross-sell performance, by basing offers on deep customer knowledge you can access in real time from across channels and enterprise sources.
channel or touchpoint by embracing analytical approaches that automatically score and suggest appropriate customers and content.

Improve Interactions While Reducing Costs

Stop throwing money away by advertising products customers already purchased. Instead, use real-time data to know who bought what, when, and then enhance interactions across channels by taking action based on that insight.

Key Highlights

rgOne offers real time at every layer: a single customer view that is always-on and always updating with real-time customer data collected from all martech touchpoints and enterprise data sources; real-time automated machine learning to analyze your data and generate your next-best action at the cadence of the customer; and real-time intelligent orchestration to deploy campaigns at the speed you need.

Silo Busting

Bridge silos for better marketing outcomes through real-time omnichannel orchestration of knowledge gathered from across channels.

Fresh Data in the Moment

Deliver unmatched personalized customer experiences by accessing continuously updated data from each customer’s golden record in real time.

Model for Momentum

Create segments and models in real time by understanding customers attributes such as preferences, actions and inaction, lifetime value, and likelihood to churn.

Real-Time Decision Enablement

Get smarter in the moment by accessing a single decision engine that powers omnichannel engagement—executing across all touchpoints on- and offline in real time.

Channel Switching

Respond appropriately in any channel by understanding what a customer does in other channels. Use real-time cross-channel insights to meet customers wherever they are, when they’re most interested in hearing from you.

Know Even Anonymous Users

Use dynamic onsite personalization not only for known customers, but also to anonymous users, by responding to their known interests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Marketers and user experience professionals can take advantage of real-time personalization in numerous ways. For example:

  • Offering clienteling in-store
  • Serving up dynamic advertising and promotions
  • Providing preferred delivery options, such as BOPIS
  • Using website personalization, including dynamic landing pages

Yes. Not only does “real time” mean different things to different companies, it also means different things in each channel. For instance, a real-time offer deployed through a website or call center needs to be executed at a different speed (often faster) than a similar offer deployed through SMS or direct mail.

Real-time personalization comprises several key elements. These include real-time data updates, real-time analytics, and real-time orchestration. Additionally, you’ll need a 360-degree view of each customer—often called a golden record.

“Marketers who want to optimize real-time personalization to deliver the most contextually relevant experience need to draw on first-, second-, and third-party data from internal and external systems and channels. These include:

  • Call center transcripts
  • CRM systems
  • Email
  • Preference center
  • POS systems
  • Social media
  • Website behavior data, including shopping cart data

These sources of data may be batch or streaming sources, and both can be used to support real-time use cases depending on your definition of real time. This connected customer view bridges silos and enables you to create a holistic view of each customer. “

Many companies define a 360-degree view of an individual customer as that customer’s golden record, because of the robustness and depth of the data. Having a continuously cleansed, correlated, merged, and up-to-date view of the customer based on data from across systems and channels—a golden record—is a must for accurately predicting customers’ preference and actions and for delivering relevant messaging and experiences.

The ability to respond with relevance at the moment of interaction with an individual customer takes speed and agility. Without it, you might miss the opportunity to connect with that customers when it matters to them and when they’re ready to take action. You also need to be agile enough to react quickly; for example, using what you’ve just learned about a customer in one channel to respond to that customer in another channel. Additionally, you need to strike a balance between timing and context to deliver a relevant customer interaction that drives engagement and action.

Responding to customers in real time with relevant messaging requires contextual data. This means not only understanding customers behaviors across channels, but also having the ability to use customers’ actions in one channel to inform your interactions with them in other channels.

Personalizing the customer experience with the level of context necessary for real relevance requires robust data; this includes having a 360-degree view of each customer—often called a golden record. Data-driven personalization entails streamlining and organizing on- and offline data to create the golden record and then leveraging analytics to automate segmentation and messaging.

One company may define 50 milliseconds as a real-time response, while another many think of real time as responding within 15 minutes. To get to the right “real time” for your organization, base the parameters of a real-time response on your business’s specific operations and needs and your individual customers’ expectation. Consider how quickly your customers expect you to react in each channel and your capabilities to meet that expectation as you think about what your definition of real time will be.

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