Real-Time Optimization

A/B/n testing of rules, models and assets let you continually perfect real-time customer outcomes.

Key Benefits

Higher revenue and certainty, lower interaction costs: Optimize every outcome with testing and experiments, then feed results back to improve your models and make decisions with confidence.

A/B/n made E-Z.

Optimize overall customer response by comparing outcomes from two or more choices.

ROI made ASAP.

Easily select an ML model, test with dynamic assets, and re-feed the results — for constant optimization and higher returns.

Goals made into results.

Real-world marketing goals such as clicks and responses are precisely measured along with a range of dynamic assets.

Key Highlights

Know what works.

With rgOne® and A/B/n testing, you’ll know with certainty which website designs and pages engage the most users. Choose your own criteria, then test dynamic content — to analyze and promote winners based on fulfillment states. And to promote goal-driven assets.

Succeed at every step.

Choose any success criteria aligned to any goal, and configure tests with competing digital assets, defined timeframes and specific methodologies. And when you stage A/B/n tests with rgOne’s machine learning, winners are automatically chosen and holdouts are supported for validation — during tests and all through campaign duration.

Test more than just a few.

Now you can stage multi-way tests for different rules and models, and test one model against any another — or against marketer rules and strategies.

Easily set them up across inbound channels (such as web, SMS and smart devices) and in traditional outbound campaigns including email, push messages and paid ads. Whatever you choose, you can easily limit tests to specific segments and automatically use the winning candidates.

Design across channels.

Use interaction canvases to design complete journeys with precise measurement and optimization across every channel.

  • Website
  • Email
  • SMS
  • AdTech

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Get Started on Getting Ahead

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