Real-Time Engine

Monitor customer activities, update and enrich profiles, and interact with relevant offers — all at the cadence of the customer.

Key Benefits

The rgOne® platform’s real-time engine puts powerful real-time orchestration in your hands. Data, decisions and orchestration with high performance and low latency: This is what the engine delivers. And it frees you to focus on the next great customer experience without the burdens of stale data, slow decisions or irrelevant offers.

The heartbeat of real time.

Build real-time customer experiences using a high-performance scalable engine – the real-time “traffic cop” – to guide interactions and orchestrate decisions, all at customer cadence.

Cross-channel monitoring.

Engage customers on any channel with decisions, images, product recommendations, offers, and messages that work wherever the customer is.

Open access.

Use APIs in the real-time engine to orchestrate decisions and interactions across systems, making real-time CX available in any enterprise application or touchpoint.

Key Highlights

Engineered for today’s needs. And expectations.

Today’s best real-time interactions require heavy engineering: Cross-system performance, updating and enriching customer profiles, mediating decisions on offers and actions — across every channel and campaign — in milliseconds. And this is precisely what you’ll find inside the rgOne real-time engine.

Scalability, low latency, and high native performance: The rgOne engine delivers on these critical needs, orchestrating every inbound and outbound channel. And letting you meet your customers’ expectations in and across every touchpoint.

  • Windows Server and Linux deployment for high-performance, low cost, and enterprise control
  • Container-based deployment for automatic, simplified scaling and availability
  • Configurable caches that allow split data to meet specific business performance objectives

Interoperable APIs

  • Provide control hooks into existing solutions such as website, mobile app and call centers
  • Support customized services and calls during operation, including geofencing, coupon code generation, and URL rewrite
  • An open API system that supports MarTech, commerce, back office and messaging connections

Secure Customer Data Assets

  • OAuth configuration for endpoint control
  • Flexible control of what’s exposed to which teams and systems
  • Secure encryption at rest and in communications

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Get Started on Getting Ahead

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