Real-Time Assets

Dynamic content with rules and ML models. To dynamically match images and messages to the right customers in every channel.

Key Benefits

Personalize customer interactions with dynamic rule-based assets – including images, content and messages – that are automatically selected at the moment of interaction on every channel. Preview the personalized interactions that your customers will see, before they see them. And connect goals with assets to know, with certainty, how well you’ve met your goals in every interaction.

Dynamic assets, high performance.

Power decisions, measure results and track effectiveness by attaching rules, metadata, and goals to all your content.

Any message, any channel.

Build messages for multiple channels – to meet your customers in whatever device, app or touchpoint they prefer.

Specific content for specific goals.

Instrument interactions with goals and other metadata, then use A/B/n testing to experiment and optimize your content choices.

Key Highlights

Content made into outcomes.

Bring your content to life – by drawing on rules, machine-learning models, goals and metadata from your best-of-breed CMS. To enrich every customer experience and optimize every outcome.

  • Use images, offers, text, video, HTML components and scripts to manage personalized experiences
  • Support rules and models from rgOne® or from any customer analytics and decisioning platform
  • Manage and swap any asset all along a customer’s journey

Assets made more dynamic.

  • Attach rules to control view-time display and behavior
  • Open-time personalization for your email campaigns
  • Use link redirect, based on rules, to account for customer behaviors – such as time and channel preferences or viewing history, right up to link time
  • Record and store everything presented to a customer (as part of offer history) to fuel ongoing optimizations

Journeys made more compelling.

Order and prioritize customers, treatments and offers based on your priority and rule hierarchy – to account for product availability, weather (or any location-specific condition), browser or application choice, and other criteria.

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Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint can put your goals within reach.

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