Message & Content Design

Deliver perfectly relevant customer experiences — with messages & content highly optimized for each channel.

Key Benefits

Engage your customers and prospects with relevant communications, offers and experiences optimized for each channel. The rgOne® platform’s prebuilt integrations to email providers, mobile delivery services and social media platforms put one master hub at your control — so you can design campaigns from a single interface. And deliver them while using nearly any last-mile solution.

Configured for each channel.

Prepare messages for delivery across any channel — web, email, SMS and more — while meeting the requirements specific to each.

Productivity in each campaign.

Easily import assets from your existing CMS into rgOne — or store them as templates for your next campaigns. For convenience and productivity at true scale.

Tailored to each customer.

Send messages to individuals based on their communication preferences or available contact details, such as email, mobile number or physical address.

“[Redpoint's data management processes] took us from ‘unknown’ or ‘partially known’ profiles to very strong profiles, known both demographically and psycho-graphically.... Plus, for the first time, we have visibility across all of our brands’ data.... This immediately helped us create more meaningful, targeted and timely messaging.”

Andrew Heltzel

Director for Marketing and CRM at Xanterra Parks and Resorts

Key Highlights

Ultra-efficient campaigns.

rgOne’s intuitive interface lets you easily construct campaigns, messages and offers — and simplifies complex tasks into manageable components. Which means you’re more productive, more agile and more responsive as you build your marketing programs.

  • Mix & match HTML, images, text and dynamic elements
  • Save messages as objects for reuse in future campaigns
  • Deploy messages to one or more channels
  • Ensure all message content is data and rule-aware

Expansive experiences.

Simplify cross-channel campaign execution by creating messages that automatically respect the requirements, and restrictions, in every channel.

  • Build messages perfectly optimized for web, email, SMS, mobile, social and ad campaigns
  • Adhere to customer communications preferences and permissions
  • Adjust message delivery when appropriate, such as sending emails when phone numbers aren’t provided

Integrated legacy systems.

rgOne lets you fully integrate your existing CMS — to simplify and speed building campaign messages. Content, data, and offers from your external system(s): rgOne makes it all available for you as you design your campaigns and communications.

Guided Design Option.

Engage every user type and profile with a simple, guided wizard process — to set up campaign flows for common channels and maintain global oversight of customer data, segmentation and permissions.

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Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint® can put your goals within reach.

Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint can put your goals within reach.

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