Identity Tracking & Merging

Identify, understand and usher every customer or prospect through their entire journey.

Key Benefits

It’s true: There’s simply no way to deliver highly relevant experiences — or increase customer value, or increase customer revenue — without quickly and accurately identifying individuals at every interaction.

That’s why rgOne® automatically builds customer profiles from disparate data sources, and evolves them based on real-time customer behaviors. Transactions, searches, social posts, preferences, device usage and more: You can now see, and understand, every prospect and customer. At every moment.

In perfect context.

Use each customer’s latest known preferences, intent and journey stage to deliver highly relevant communications and experiences.

In enterprise alignment.

Customize identity and merging to serve the interests and preferences of every customer — while respecting specific industry and enterprise requirements.

Identities in real time.

Update customer profiles in real time with the latest matching —so outbound and inbound messages are always on point.

“At last, we can keep identities clean and perfect for all our ongoing donor communications. Not having to manage duplicate accounts has, by itself, nearly paid for the cost of the Redpoint® solution.”

Cate Twohill

Senior Director, Solutions at Community Development Partnership

Identity Resolution with rgOne

Hundreds of out-of-the-box matching functions

Applies deterministic and probabilistic matching techniques

Accurately matches identities and groupings like households

Provides the flexibility to solve for many use cases

Links both online and offline data

Key Highlights

Device & profile merging.

Generate a single customer view from disparate identities — to create a full-dimension understanding of each customer. With full contact details, preferences, sentiment, and marketing and transaction history.

  • Consider session, cookie, and device data when matching anonymous or partially known devices
  • Link devices and mobile fingerprints using probabilistic and deterministic matching
  • Use behavioral and transactional data to deepen your customer understanding

Real time data capture.

Because data is identified and re-fed into single customer views – the Golden Records – you can capture interaction data in real time, and drive decisions and actions in the moment. That means you’ll always have the latest information available as you personalize engagement across every touch point.

For customers known & anonymous.

Track both known and anonymous customer journeys, and use one defined segment for both MarTech and AdTech. With rgOne’s advanced Advertising and Acquisition capabilities, you can even use anonymous customer data to deliver personalized web experiences to first-time visitors — from the moment they arrive.

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Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint can put your goals within reach.

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