Digital Onboarding

Efficiently segment & onboard anonymized consumer identities.

Key Benefits

Make every advertising and acquisition effort more effective, and more successful – by easily defining a prime segment of customers or prospects. Then use the rgOne® platform’s pre-built connectors to automatically prepare your records – and abstract PII data – for precise anonymous targeting.

Extreme efficiencies.

Minimize the cumbersome and manual tasks in preparing and sending segments to DSPs for ad targeting.

Constant compliance.

Stay within industry best practices while ensuring that personally identifiable information (PII) is reliably abstracted from individual customer records.


Use existing <a href="">customer records or third-party prospect data</a>, even when preparing specific segments for ad targeting.

“When we did get back into spending, which was probably right around mid-May [2020], [rgOne] was the tool that we used to really target in and identify where those customers were who we thought were most likely to travel.”

Betsy O'Rourke

Chief Marketing Officer at Xanterra Travel Collection

Key Highlights

Customer segments, more controlled.

Build broad or narrow segments — and make for easy onboarding — with the records within your CDP, and with smart native enablements.

  • Apply granular filters to quickly define each audience segment
  • Create segments from data visualizations such as a Venn diagram
  • Identify key segments built with advanced machine learning models

Prospect segments, more perfected.

Build and deploy segments from prospect data acquired from third-party providers. And once within the platform, rgOne makes it easy to segment precise prospects with a wide range of attributes.

  • Purchase history and intent data
  • Demographics (age, sex, income)
  • Company, industry or job title

PII abstracted, more automated.

Pre-built AdTech connectors let you easily abstract PII data during onboarding. Customer and prospect segments are passed to DMP or DSP solutions, such as LiveRamp, while unique identifiers replace PII data. Once returned to rgOne, the benefits and outcomes are significant.

  • Deliver the most highly targeted ad campaigns across select media publishing tools
  • Present highly personalized website experiences, even to first-time visitors

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Get Started on Getting Ahead

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