Customer Journey Design

Make every marketing campaign interactive, bi-directional and cross-channel.

Key Benefits

Use rgOne® to create fruitful customer journeys that span every touchpoint and channel. Quickly build campaigns, from simple to complex, that boost revenue and customer LTV. And dynamically adjust them with real-time data & insights — to keep every customer on the path to success, theirs and yours.

Multi-channel journeys. Single control.

Design and deploy multichannel customer journeys – all delivered through your existing last mile solutions. And all managed from a single interface.

For the individual. In the moment.

Adapt to the cadence of your customers — with dynamic rules that automatically adjust to changes in customer preferences and behaviors. As they happen, in the moment, to the millisecond.

Many use cases. Many useful outcomes.

Solve for even the most complex customer journeys that span trigger events, multiple touches and cross-channel communications.

“Redpoint® really was the best solution that would allow us to mix and match end use technologies while retaining a core engine that would enable us to personalize customer journeys.”

David Millard

Director of Commercial Applications, Reporting & Analytics at Renovia

Key Highlights

Seamless integration.

Orchestrate omnichannel customer journeys using your existing last mile engagement channels. With rgOne’s Open Garden design, you can easily build and deliver experiences through nearly any channel or provider.

  • Email
  • Mobile
  • SMS
  • AdTech
  • Website, Call Center, IoT, Kiosk, more

Adaptive journeys.

Solve highly complex multitouch, multichannel campaigns — even those with real-time components. An extremely flexible suite of tools and controls let you design journeys that include any effective feature.

  • Only begin when customers meet specific criteria
  • Trigger follow-up messages based on specific actions
  • Alter the customer path based on a status change
  • Include email, SMS messages and even online ads
  • Pause, delay, adjust and restart

Intuitive campaigns.

rgOne makes it easy to design and deliver a wide range of campaigns — from simple journeys with trigger, audience and offer, to complex journeys with rules and machine learning decisions. In every case, you’ll move your audience along different paths based on their specific behaviors.

  • Triggers that are manual, scheduled, activity- or event-driven
  • Audience segments based on designed rules or machine learning models
  • Offers selected and customized across channels and audiences, with dynamic content
  • Personalized offers delivered to any customer, on any channel, at any time

Templated flexibility.

Build templates that meet specific enterprise requirements for any channel, such as email or SMS — then repurpose them when you design your next campaigns and journeys.

  • Create and save very sophisticated templates
  • Use templates to easily build campaigns that are on-brand, on-target and high-engagement
  • Repurpose templates, customize content, and execute campaigns for specific segments or geographies

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Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint® can put your goals within reach.

Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint can put your goals within reach.

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