Web Services Layer

Web Services provide a simple RESTful interface in tandem with automatic scaling. For smooth performance management.

Key Benefits

Support batch and real-time decisions though a simple, auto-scaling Web Services interface that configures to meet your specific performance requirements. The Web Services layer is completely transparent inside Redpoint’s Intelligent Orchestration module — so you simply select from a list of modelsmap customer attributes to model parameters, and automatically run models in inbound and outbound campaigns. 

Universal accessibility.

Call models via any application: marketing orchestration, call center response, in-store clienteling, or anywhere an automated CX decision is needed.

Zero coding

No spreadsheets, code translators, or manual defining or building machine-learning models: You can transition from data science to production in mere seconds with one click.

Optimization simplicity.

Automatically version, date and label models — so when newer, better versions are trained, you can use them immediately, and even automatically upgrade them.

Key Highlights

Perform & scale automatically.

Use Docker containers for built-in caching, performance monitoring, and auto-scaling to provide performance for real-time decisions. Then deploy machine-learning decisions anywhere: They’re all available within the rgOne® platform’s Intelligent Orchestration module and your own customerfacing apps, with all the performance and cost benefits of container architecture. 

Support & distribute widely.

Support any orchestration engine with advanced machine learning, and support every real-time decision with rgOne’s high-performance auto-scaling engine. Which makes for simplified, efficient management of as many models and versions as your org needs.

Swap models easily.

No more worry or anxiety when markets or conditions change, even suddenly. Or when new customer data becomes available. Or when your models age and degrade. Or when products swap out. Or when your campaign and brand goals shift.

rgOne is built for constant change: Automatic hot-swapping avoids downtime and enhances the reliability and performance of its decisioning. And rgOne allows consistent fixed use of any model for A/B/n testing or auditing, and enables rescoring with old models to understand history.

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Get Started on Getting Ahead

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