File Manager

With File Manager, you control the data needed for precise model building — to upload new datasets, search, inspect and select any modeling data.

Key Benefits

Easily access the critical data needed to train, test and validate models. And because rgOne® includes File Manager to handle datasets for model building, you’re assured of the absolute most efficient data handling available anywhere.

Integrated file management.

Easily manage the large amounts of data needed to build accurate, business-focused machine-learning models.

Automated file upload.

Use FTP to make files available from external sources, or manually upload new files directly.

Traceable training data.

Trace data all throughout the process. Files are labeled, versioned and tracked — so you can always tie models back to the data used to train them.

Key Highlights

Easy data inputs

Every marketer is now empowered to use data prepared by rgOne from customer interactions, transactions and behaviors — because the platform easily handles customer data from any source. And makes it easily available to train your machine-learning models.

With rgOne’s Automated Machine Learning (AML) module, you can build models from customer details of every sort and source.

  • Demographics such as age, sex, home address, and marital status
  • Transaction details including last purchase, frequency, and purchase channel
  • Customer behaviors such as web page views, social likes, and mobile app use
  • Inferred, aggregated or purchased information including affinities, preferences, and loyalty

Efficient data automations

rgOne’s AML module reduces manual effort and time to perform data management and data engineering for Machine Learning. Which means Data Scientists are freed to focus on high-value work, not on burdensome file and data manipulations — while the File Manager supports key automations.

  • Automatically load files from rgOne’s Customer Data Management module
  • Use automated retraining and file updates to improve and redeploy existing models
  • Use the File Manager Web Service to automate interactions with data management and orchestration software

Model-ready data

rgOne boasts robust data management, cleansing and normalization to produce the data needed for optimal machine learning – both training and predicting. rgOne provides the repository for training data and the full scope of controls to manage it.

  • Bring any and all files in manually or via FTP
  • Add descriptions and metadata to tag files by source and usage
  • Handle multiple file versions for audit, archive and retesting

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