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Luxury Fashion Retailer Accelerates Engagement Across Brands and Regions

Retailers are facing increasingly complex customer journeys that involve a growing number of digital and physical touchpoints, and often span multiple regions. If the data collected from these customers isn’t cohesive, timely, and easy to use, creating personalized experiences becomes a significant challenge.

In this case study, see how a leading global luxury fashion company combined forces with Redpoint’s technology – purpose-built to solve data, personalization, and engagement challenges – to achieve a ‘single source of truth’ for customer data and a consistent CDP approach across multiple brands and regions.

Explore the benefits this retailer experienced with the Redpoint CDP, including:

  • A constantly updated single customer view for 60+ million unique identities
  • User-friendly segmentation and activation capabilities
  • A trusted dataset used by Marketing and Analytics teams
  • Marketing decision models – fueled by CDP data – that increased campaign effectiveness

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