Journey Creation

Design highly relevant and personalized outbound and inbound customer experiences.

The rg1 Difference

Engage your customers and prospects with relevant communications, offers and experiences optimized for each channel. With prebuilt integrations to email providers, mobile delivery services, social media platforms and more, you can design campaigns from a single interface. And deliver them while using nearly any last-mile solution.

Multichannel Journeys

Build complex multitouch, multichannel journeys that utilize existing inbound and outbound engagement channels.

In Sync with Customers

Apply dynamic rules and automatically adjust to changes in customer preferences and behaviors.

Always Relevant

Deliver consistent content, offers and experiences across any touchpoint.

Learn How Journey Creation Works

Create the Right Experience

With rg1, marketers have a powerful solution for designing multichannel experiences. Using a single interface, businesses are free to focus on strategies that put their customers at the center, instead of focusing strategies for each channel.

It sounds novel because it is. Harnessing existing endpoints, rg1 allows marketers to design complex journeys that span channels and touches – all from an easy-to-use, drag and drop UI.

Need to send a campaign to a few thousand people or several million people? No problem. rgOne easily scales to thousands of campaigns per month delivered to millions of customers.

Get more relevant and personal by sending one-off triggered messages to individual customers. Triggered actions may span complex rules, actions or inactions, and situational data like geolocation.

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Why Is Getting Journey Creation Right So Important?

According to a report by McKinsey, it’s not uncommon for customers to use 3-5 channels to engage with organizations. In an ultra-competitive business environment, those who can deliver attentive and relevant customer experiences are the winners. But when companies focus on channel-specific approaches instead of more comprehensive, multichannel strategies, they risk not keeping pace with the cadence of their customers. Executing consistently across channels is now expected, and rg1 helps you deliver just that.

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