How Offer & Asset Creation Works

See how rg1 provides for managing assets – content, messages, offers, etc. – in a multichannel world.

Complex Asset Management, Simplified

Sync content assets and offers – from existing CMS solutions – and organize them into logical structures that enable marketers to confidently deliver the right message (and format) across multichannel campaigns.

Organize content, data and offers into smart folders.

Streamline complex asset management tasks into reusable components.

Measure and optimize asset performance across campaigns and channels.

Content Assets – Offer, Message, Content

Sync external content repositories with rg1 to leverage existing assets within your journeys, campaigns and triggered messages. rg1 enables you to:

  • Import assets from your existing CMS
  • Link assets to create sophisticated offers and campaigns
  • Mix and match HTML, images, text and dynamic elements

Create Asset Rules & Controls

Define parameters around when and where content resources can or should be used. rg1 provides the flexibility to:

  • Ensure all message content is data and rule aware
  • Utilize templates for future campaigns
  • Send based on known communication preferences

Deploy Assets

Simplify cross-channel campaign execution by incorporating content, offers and assets are optimized for and adhere to the requirements, and restrictions of every channel. The platform enables you to:

  • Deploy messages to one or more channels
  • Adhere to the requirements and restrictions for every channel
  • Automatically publish to real-time channels

Don't let complexity keep you from your goals.

65k campaigns in 1 year

3X improvement for targeted ads

97% revenue increase for campaigns

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Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint® can put your goals within reach.

Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint can put your goals within reach.

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