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Key Benefits

Boost revenue, improve LTV, and lower interaction costs by using deep customer data to understand every individual. And to engage them with next-best actions based on their specific places in their unique journeys.


Best actions. Best outcomes.

Deliver contextually relevant next-best actions that drive higher customer acquisition, cross-sell, renewals, and customer satisfaction.


Know more. Churn less.

Use advanced machine learning to predict when customer behaviors signal potential defection. And respond accordingly.


Higher engagement. Lower costs.

Lower customer interaction and servicing costs by orchestrating omnichannel engagement across every digital and traditional channel.

rgOne® in Action

Move past the limits of siloed data – to achieve a single, comprehensive view of every customer. And to deliver timely experiences aligned to a customer’s specific financial needs.

Omnichannel Orchestration

Orchestrate multi-touch campaigns, omnichannel journeys and personalized experiences built on every customer’s Golden Record. Customers move freely across websites, mobile apps, call centers and in-branch devices; and you can create precisely those kinds of seamless, relevant, persuasive journeys.

Personalized Website Experiences

Personalize website experiences for known visitors or even first-time anonymous visitors. Use any mix of content, images and recommendations to customize the visitor experience. And present campaigns in real time based ospecific attributes. 

  • Known preferences and intent 
  • Existing financial products  
  • Visitor’s geography 
  • Third-party anonymous profile data

Timely & Relevant Email Communications

With rgOnecompanies can use their existing email solutions to orchestrate campaigns, all from a single interface. Financial marketers can apply real-time insights from every step in the customer journey to send or suppress emails.  

  • Build multi-step emails journeys 
  • Send batch campaigns to select audiences 
  • Trigger emails based on an event or action (e.g., life event) 
  • Add personalized content to emails 

Mobile Channels for Your Advantage

rgOne integrates with mobile app operating systems and mobile notification providers, making for highly personalized mobile experiences. Marketers can deliver content and messages, such as SMS and push notifications, to specific mobile app users.

Next-Best Actions

Determine the next-best action for every customer based on known preferences or even predicted life events. Then use machine learning to recommend the best content, messages and offers — and to know when, where and how to present them. 


You can use Redpoint’s advanced machine learning to identify and engage your best customer audiences — based on their likelihood of responding to specific events or conditions. 

  • Life events, such as retirement or mortgage application  
  • Likelihood to churn 
  • Best message content 
  • Best message channel 
  • Anomaly detection (default risk)

Call Centers

Single customer view data — including recommendations, customer preferences, sentiment and LTV — is easily accessible by all enterprise, including call centers.  

The result? Sales teams are equipped with up-sell and cross-sell offers and alternative product suggestions. And customers are delivered superbly tangible value.

Field Staff Empowerment

Powerfully equip local agents and brokers — by extending access to the industry’s most advanced resources and tools for deep, persuasive customer engagement.

Customer first. Insight everywhere.

Selling insurance, wealth management solutions or retail bank productsA deep understanding of every customer, and every customer journey, is now table stakes in FinServe 

The fact is, deep insight is now the gateway to serving customers and promoting the relevant products and solutions – credit cards, life insurance, mortgages, retirement plans and more – that can dramatically raise the bottom line. 

Audiences of one.

Use rgOne to combine customer data, from many different sources, into Golden Records that track every customer’s journey, interests, interaction histories and LTV.

Know. See. Engage.

Use Redpoint's sophisticated machine learning to accurately predict customer segments, determine next-best actions and identify every individual’s preferred channels for engagement.

In customer time. Every time.

Orchestrate seamless journeys and campaigns, across every inbound and outbound channel, from a single interface. And stand ready to engage with every customer, at every moment, in every experience.

“The average age of our customer is 55+; many are married, and at the peaks of their careers. They’re getting ready to retire. If they have children at home, they may soon become empty-nesters, With Redpoint®, we can follow these lifecycle stages very closely, so that we can optimize our marketing spend promoting the right offer to the right audience. ”

Andrew Heltzel

Director for Marketing and CRM at Xanterra Parks and Resorts

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Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint® can put your goals within reach.

Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint can put your goals within reach.

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