Digital Acquisition Platform

Redpoint Digital Acquisition Platform
Simplifying Data Activation and Attribution Across the Digital Ecosystem

A More Targeted and Relevant Approach to Customer Acquisition
Redpoint simplifies the process of data activation and personalization across the digital ecosystem. The
Redpoint Digital Acquisition Platform, powered by LiveRamp, allows you to enhance omnichannel
campaigns by delivering personalized ad experiences using a closed-loop process that optimizes your
customer journey strategies.

The Redpoint Digital Acquisition Platform supports a variety of use cases:

Redpoint provides a single point of control to onboard an audience for ad targeting. Select high
value audience segments and automatically push them through LiveRamp for subsequent
targeting and activation in downstream ad destinations.

Marketers can easily select from a list of nearly 500 destination partners from DSPs to social
networks and interactive TV. The destination channels are available in a picklist in the Redpoint
customer journey workflow. Marketers can also create omnichannel campaigns by incorporating
targeted ads into an omnichannel campaign alongside email, direct mail, social, and other direct
channels to enrich the customer journey.

Real-Time Targeting
Personalize the website experience for a first-time site visitor accurately and in real-time. Pre-
buy segments from any third party, pre-stage them in an anonymous data environment, and use
them to inform a real-time decision on your branded web pages for first time anonymous
visitors, enhancing your personalization strategy and driving ongoing brand relevance.

Measure the impact of your ad impressions and link them back to anonymous profiles using
IdentityLink™ from LiveRamp. Manage and view the data in an anonymous environment, which
can hash and store 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data, providing linkages between martech and
adtech while ensuring consumer privacy.

Insights can be leveraged for intelligently retargeted ads and direct campaigns for customers
with similar preferences and profiles. Test, tune, and optimize ad spend in a closed-loop

Business Benefits
Redpoint’s Digital Acquisition Platform reduces fatigue in an ad network while increasing acquisition
conversion rates and improving marketing budget efficiency. Redpoint allows you to combine the benefits
of martech and adtech together in one single point of control.

    • More Efficient Digital Advertising Spend: Managing all customer data, targeting, real-time
      decisioning and ad activation from a single point of control greatly improves the onboarding,
      activation, acquisition, and measurement process for marketers. More effectively utilize ad spend on
      campaigns that work with minimum resources required.
    • More Effective Acquisition Through Real-Time Customer Engagement: The granularity of customer
      demographic, behavioral and purchase data available in real-time helps brands better personalize the visitor
      experience and gain better insight into visitor profiles and interests.
    • More Scalable Resources Through Closed Loop Digital Marketing: Gives marketing more
      streamlined ownership of the full customer relationship (acquisition to retention) and digital ecosystem
      (website, mobile apps, email, ad networks, social) to ensure higher relevancy and customer lifetime

Find out how the LiveRamp and Redpoint partnership helps you enhance data activation
and increase customer engagement across your digital ecosystem.

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