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Key Benefits

Customer engagement requires customer understanding — of demographics, preferences, online and offline behaviors. With rg1®, all of these are brought together in one holistic view. To help you stage personalized experiences, drive higher revenue and lower interaction costs.


The source of success.

A single source of customer truth: This is how you deliver relevant experiences across all touchpoints and sustain profitable growth.


Constant relevance.

Aggregate high volumes of customer data and make customer profiles accessible, in real time, to drive the most personalized messages and offers.


Results-driven analytics.

When comprehensive customer data is deployed into machine learning algorithms, extraordinary things happen. Including real-time decisioning and material business results.

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rg1 in action. To access, unify and orchestrate.

With Redpoint’s Customer Data Platform, companies of every size can lock onto valuable customer insights and orchestrate omnichannel experiences. All from a single customer view that’s comprehensive and continuously updated.


Using the aggregated data available in single customer views, marketers and business users can build segmentation rules to identify key audience segments. And every segment created in rg1 is dynamic, which means customers are automatically added and removed when their profiles show updates from any source.

Real-Time Personalization

Once you’ve solved thorny data quality and integration challenges by creating a Redpoint Golden Record for every customer, you can execute highly personalized campaigns. Wherever your customers are.

  • Websites
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Direct Mail
  • Call Centers
  • IoT/POS

Dynamic Offers

Smoothly run machine learning models to generate tight audience segments, or to predict which offers or recommendations an individual should see. The Redpoint Golden Record makes it possible, and makes it easy.

Call Center & Mobile Apps

Customer profile data can be made available to any customer engagement system, including call center solutions or mobile apps. So sales and support teams always have the most relevant offers and content they need to provide real value in every customer interaction.

Make Data Accessible Anywhere

Data resident within rg1 can be distributed to any of your org’s internal or external systems. Formatted to meet any requirement and sent in real time, or when triggered, or when scheduled: It’s all highly scalable and performant.

Testing, Tuning & Optimizing

With data that’s aggregated, cleansed and organized, you’re free to test, tune and optimize wherever that data is used. Running campaigns, building segments, driving advanced analytics, and more: rg1’s closed-loop system allows for in-depth reporting and analysis via your org’s preferred BI tool.

  • PowerBI
  • Tableau
  • Looker

Your digital, now transformed.

Regardless of type or source, rg1 provides an always on, always updating Golden Record. And it’s always available at low latency to all touchpoints and users across the org. With rg1 and its singular ability to collect and process data in real time, you’ll have the means for real-time decisions and engagement. And the foundation for profound digital transformation.

Unlimited data intake.

Ingest all data: Streaming and batch, structured and unstructured, first- and third-party. With rg1's hundreds of out-of-the-box API connectors and prebuilt functions. And without limits.

Precise identity resolution.

Accurately match customer profiles, devices, identities and households with easily configurable methods. And automate both probabilistic and deterministic matching in the customer’s cadence.

Singular customer journeys.

Access customer profiles in real time — to drive advanced machine learning algorithms and innovative customer journeys. Each competitively and completely differentiated.

“Taking time to deliver personalized experiences for customers drives loyalty and fosters a strong positive sentiment of the company. We know to build lasting customer relationships; we need the most accurate real-time customer data accessible through a continually updated single customer view. Redpoint’s rg1® platform will be a fundamental element to help deliver this type of personalization at scale.”

Phil Bienert

Chief Marketing Officer at 1-800 Contacts

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Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint can put your goals within reach.

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