Process Automation & Workflow

Streamline data management and improve your operational effectiveness with automated processes and workflows.

Key Benefits

With the rgOne® platform’s process automation capabilities, companies of every size can design and deploy simple or complex workflows to orchestrate an unlimited number of critical data management tasks.

Complexity Simplified.

Build multi-step workflows that combine data-flow projects, schedule jobs (calendar data, presence of files, database changes), wait for review or acceptance, transfer files, notify users of certain outcomes, and much more.

Compliance Achieved.

Companies with even the strictest compliance regulations can easily orchestrate transparent processes for handling sensitive customer information within fitting governance, security and privacy parameters.

Controls Given.

With version control, multi-server job distribution, and monitoring and logging capabilities, you can maintain complete operational control of all your data management functions.

Key Highlights

Easily build a wide range of automated workflows to streamline data movement, transformation, quality and stewardship. All at highly scalable volumes.

Automation Workflows

Build complex automations with data-flow projects and configurable workflows.

  • Process one or more files triggered by events or user requests.
  • Create parameters to control execution at startup, such as file names, filter options or report options.
  • Suspend execution midway and let users review and edit data directly. For functions such as data stewardship approval, special-case corrections, and fuzzy-matching review.
  • Loop over all directory files and run the same set of steps on each file and data feed.
  • Validate files against many possible formats. And when a format matches, take the best action.
  • Remain “live” continuously, waiting for external factors to trigger execution, such the appearance of a file, SQL query results, calendar event, or an FTP data transfer.
  • Support checkpoint and restart; only failed steps are restarted.
  • Use success-and-failure logic to send notifications to operators via email or SMS.

Stewardship Workflows

Create interdependent workflows that can be managed from a single point of control, across multiple cases.

  • Executing external programs.
  • Waiting for user review and acceptance.
  • Transferring files via FTP.
  • Determining source format and validity.
  • Notifying users and operations of job outcomes.

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