Master Data Management (MDM)

Achieve and maintain a single source of truth across all diverse enterprise data sets.

Key Benefits

Improve efficiencies by creating a single source of truth that is precise, available at speed and deployable in an agile manner.

Precise Results.

Build highly accurate records of customers, devices, products, and other entities, empowering your org to maximize the value of its data.

Any & All Data.

Access and manage data across the enterprise to gain a single version of truth for customers, patients, members, products, businesses, and other entities.

Error-Free Automation.

With the rgOne® platform's advanced matching algorithms, you can automate processes and limit the need for manual interactions. Which lowers the risk of errors and streamlines data stewardship.

“[Redpoint's data management processes] took us from ‘unknown’ or ‘partially known’ profiles to very strong profiles, known both demographically and psycho-graphically.... Plus, for the first time, we have visibility across all of our brands’ data.... This immediately helped us create more meaningful, targeted and timely messaging.”

Andrew Heltzel

Director for Marketing and CRM at Xanterra Parks and Resorts

Key Highlights

The MDM capabilities available through rgOne help companies collect and ingest any type of data, automate data quality tasks, and make data immediately available to other applications.

Connectors & All Data Sources

Handle data from any location, source, type, or format – including structured and unstructured data, relational databases, HDFS, XML, and JSON – as well as batch and streaming data.

Lightning Fast Data Ingestion

Easily scale at ultra-fast speeds – including data ingestion and processing – powering business interactions with access to high-fidelity data at the right place and the right time. All to create material, tangible value.

Real-time Attribution Layer

Perform calculations during match & merge processes to secure a more accurate picture of calculated variables that can be used in real-time by operations or machine learning; example variables may include total LTV, 30-day transaction history, and more.

Automated Stewardship Workflows

Leverage automations to improve workflow processes for data stewards, which frees them from time-consuming and trivial data irregularities. And which ensures accurate oversight.

Advanced Identity & Entity Resolution

Resolve customer, product and device identities quickly and easily, which allows for more effective data-driven marketing and better delivery of contextually relevant offers.

Lineage & Version Tracking

Automatically maintain lineage and version histories for every record in the MDM solution. And easily rollback to prior dates for auditing and historical reference.

Probabilistic & Deterministic Matching

With techniques that combine statistically based matching with customer data integration business rules, you'll enable highly accurate results.

Build & Maintain Golden Records

Dynamically update customer Golden Records as new data sources are added – to maintain a single source of truth and enable the caliber of data quality that every ambitious marketer aspires to.

Responsive Architecture

rgOne is easy to implement and customize, providing critical functionality in a streamlined solution. And its capabilities allow enterprises to get up and running more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Enterprise Access

Eliminate barriers to information by sharing data through extensible, performant RESTful APIs – enabling other applications to quickly and efficiently consume MDM data.

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Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint can put your goals within reach.

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