Matching & Merging

Highly configurable tools to help you transform disparate data records into one actionable view.

Key Benefits

With rgOne®, you gain complete oversight of your company’s records matching and merging cabilities. To help you extract and leverage maximum value from all your data.

Cleaner Data.

Streamline and merge records across separate systems, so you can reduce campaign spend and boost the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives.

Organized & Connected.

Associate individual records to households or companies, and perform calculations in real time. Which ensures that you have the most accurate data to deepen customer engagement.

Fully Customizable Rules.

Modify merging and matching techniques to serve your specific business needs: Tighten or loosen rules, or hand off records to data stewards for manual review.

Key Highlights

The rgOne platform includes out-of-the-box capabilities that support a wide array B2C and B2B data matching techniques, each of which help create complete, accurate, actionable records.

Fuzzy Matching

Apply fuzzy matching techniques to identify and resolve non-exact matches across names, addresses, companies and more (such as Ben and Benjamin, Acme, Inc. and Acme Incorporated, W and West, and more).

Simultaneous Matching

Define different match criteria and confidence factors for each pass or comparison. Which allows matches to layer without overmatching, and without having to write complex integration rules.

Grouping & Householding

Associate multiple records to a single group, company or a household. And undo the association if life events occur, such as new employer, marriage or divorce.

Handoff to Data Stewards

Suspend execution to let your data stewards review and edit data directly, approve a match or merge, or fix special-case corrections.

Custom Rules

Design custom rules to address certain merge & match requests, especially to be more responsive to CCPA and GDPR requests, including the right to be forgotten requests.

Upstream & Downstream

Accept results from a trusted internal system of record or send match & merge results from rgOne to existing databases and systems.

Anonymous Environment

Handle match & merge data processing in an anonymous environment, so you can deliver more targeted advertising campaigns.


Track original sources of merge & match data, and when and where particular changes occurred, allowing for easy restoration if needed.

“One of the things we were very worried about is how we were going to match [disparate] records of existing people. So like, it might be 'Betsy B. O'Rourke' or just might be 'Betsy ORourke', it might have an apostrophe. How were we going to make sure that we got one record? And so, [rgOne] has a technology that normalizes that because we couldn't imagine trying to do that manually or by eyeballing it. So that was huge.”

Betsy O'Rourke

Chief Marketing Officer at Xanterra Travel Collection

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