Single Customer View

See Every Customer from a Single, Holistic Perspective

Create a 360-Degree Picture

single customer view
Capture all that is knowable about a customer. Consolidate customer data and resolve identities across all sources to create a highly precise, 360-degree view of each customer.

This persistent, progressive, and enriched profile spans all touchpoints and is the fuel for analytics and customer engagement.


Market to the “Segment of One”

RedPoint makes all customer data visible and actionable – at the point of engagement – with the speed and precision that’s needed to drive incremental revenue, profitability, and lifetime value.

If the data you need is trapped in numerous engagement and transaction systems, or across second- and third-party sources, you can’t get the total view of customer behaviors, preferences, and purchases in the customer’s cadence to ensure a highly relevant interaction.


An All-Encompassing View Starts with Data Quality

It isn’t enough to simply grab data from different systems and dump it into one place. You also need the speed, processing power, and advanced algorithms to link records from unlimited data sources and formats that belong to the same customer.

Keeping pace with the consumer is an incredibly complex task, since different systems use different identifiers. RedPoint properly matches those identifiers to eliminate the inaccuracies, incomplete records, redundancies, and data latency. RedPoint optimizes financial performance and lowers the cost of customer interaction.

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