Single Customer View

See Every Customer from a Single, Holistic Perspective

Market to the “Segment of One” Consumer

single customer viewConsumers today demand that brands engage them in a highly personalized and consistent manner across all interaction touchpoints. The key to achieving this single customer view is the ability to market to each customer as a segment of one by understanding their behaviors, preferences, and past purchases across their entire customer journey. The RedPoint Customer Data Platform™ makes all customer data visible and actionable – at the point of engagement – with the speed and precision that’s needed to increase customer revenue, profitability, and lifetime value.

Create a 360-Degree View

Capture all that is knowable about a customer. Consolidate customer data and resolve identities across all data sources and customer engagement systems to create a highly precise, 360-degree view of each customer. Having a persistent, progressive, and enriched customer profile that spans all touchpoints is the fuel for analytics and customer engagement.

An All-Encompassing View Starts with Data Quality

It isn’t enough to simply grab data from different systems and dump it into one place. You also need the speed, processing power, and advanced algorithms to link data across different sources and formats that belong to the same customer. The RedPoint Customer Data Platform provides the most powerful set of advanced data quality and master data management (MDM) capabilities available on the market today. Using RedPoint’s probabilistic and deterministic matching algorithms, you can solve the customer identity challenge by creating a “Golden Record” – the unified, accurate, and continuously updated view of each customer.

Customer Data Platform Capabilities

Identity Resolution – Advanced matching capabilities (probabilistic, deterministic, and heuristic) to link different data to the same customer and maintain a persistent key over time.
Data Access, Ingestion, and Connection – Out-of-the-box integration to all leading databases, ingest batch and streaming data, and real-time availability across the enterprise.
Data Integration – Support for big data fabric with real-time processing, including more than 350 pre-built automated processes for data integration.
Master Data Management – Robust process for data management and governance.
Audience Profiling and Segmentation – Easily create audience segments that can be across customer engagement systems and omnichannel customer journeys.
Analytics and Machine Learning – In-line analytics and machine learning capabilities for personalization and optimization.
Intelligent Omnichannel Orchestration – Orchestrate interactions with customers in real time, and in cadence with the customer journey, across any enterprise touchpoint or channel.
Deployment Options – Support for different deployment options such as cloud-based, on-premises, and hybrid.

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