Omnichannel Marketing

Create a Relevant, Consistent Experience for Every Customer Across Every Touchpoint

Be Present at Every Touchpoint

Omni Channel Marketing Solutions|RedPoint Global
Today’s new marketing imperative requires you intelligently orchestrate interactions across touchpoints to reduce friction and optimize customer engagement. Successfully engaging with customers in an omnichannel environment starts with unifying all sources of data. Understanding the customer in the context of their buying journey is the key to delivering the next best message that optimizes engagement with the customer, no matter what touchpoint they choose.

RedPoint’s platform overcomes siloed systems and data that fragment the customer experience with a unique approach that delivers hyper-personalized interactions and experiences, across all digital and traditional channels or enterprise touchpoints.

Leverage Advanced Analytics to Drive Relevancy

Turn to RedPoint to tap the power of your data and leverage sophisticated analytics to automatically segment customers, structure your interactions, and serve up next best actions that are relevant and in the right cadence.

With RedPoint analytics, you have the right real-time insights to stay in lockstep with your customer’s journey.

Close the Customer Engagement Gap by Bridging Strategy with Execution

Customer strategies have no value unless you can execute them in ways that meet customer expectations. With RedPoint, you finally close the gap and use a data-driven approach to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Measure campaign performance, marketing impact, and conversions to continuously tune the channel, message, and offer mix and optimize engagement. RedPoint enables you to lower your cost of customer interactions, decrease customer fatigue and friction, and improve customer lifetime value.


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