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Mar 9, 2023

Be Consistently Relevant with Open-Time Email

In a Dynata Survey sponsored by Redpoint, 70 percent of consumers said they receive mistargeted information at least once a month, with nearly a quarter (24 percent) of those surveyed claiming they receive mistargeted information daily. The problem for brands that send irrelevant communications is that more than half of consumers (51 percent) said that irrelevant messaging negatively impacts their overall customer experience (CX).

Think of your own experiences as a consumer, and how you feel when you open an irrelevant email, perhaps one that offers a discount on a product you recently purchased. If it’s from a brand you transact with regularly and one you’re loyal to, you likely feel disrespected; with the money you spend, the brand can’t take the time and effort to show it understands you as a customer?

Today’s customer journeys are dynamic. Customers move seamlessly through digital and physical channels, and they expect brands to engage with relevant communications across an omnichannel journey. Consistently relevant email is a big part of delivering a personalized CX in the cadence of an individual customer journey, and that’s where open-time email comes into play.

Real-Time Decisioning and Omnichannel Personalization

Open-time email is increasingly becoming an important tool in the marketer’s toolkit. Through open-time email, brands with even the beginnings of cross-channel awareness and a contextual understanding of a customer can leverage that understanding with hyper-relevant emails guaranteed to be in the context of a customer journey.

In Redpoint rg1, open-time email is a feature of the platform’s intelligent orchestration capabilities. Unlike most open-time email functionality that might queue up two or three images to switch out based on a customer’s transactional history (where email may be integrated with a point-of-sale system), rg1 bases the real-time decision across an omnichannel understanding.

With cross-channel awareness and knowing a customer’s behaviors, actions and preferences across all channels included in a Golden Record, a real-time unified customer profile, rg1 provides the ability to update email content in the cadence of a holistic customer journey. For example, a predictive model may analyze the entirety of a customer’s behaviors to determine a next-best offer based on predictive insight, rather than a simple rule that switches out email A for email B based solely on a transaction. The scenario may include additional factors, such as a time of day to send the email or whether to even send the email at all. Perhaps the email is pulled if a predictive model determines that a next-best action for a customer who abandons a shopping cart over a certain amount should instead receive a call from the call center.

Dynamic Journey, Dynamic Email

Another open-time email use case for enhancing a personalized CX is including real-time, location-based content. In a typical open-time email scenario, a real-time decisioning engine integrates with dynamic business logic that will determine the customer and, optimally, the next-best action to be rendered at the time the email is opened. Real-time decisions can consider information accessible via other public APIs, such as those which can determine a customer’s likely location.

In the case of location-based content, this might be a third-party travel company or a weather service. Based on a customer’s IP address, content may be updated accordingly, so that an email a customer opens may contain an image and text of the top 10 museums to visit in England vs. Spain, depending on the customer’s location. Or, when there’s a torrential downpour an email embeds an image with an offer for boots and an umbrella.

Done well, open-time email can be a highly effective subset of dynamic offer management, improving click-throughs and conversions by helping stop negative customer experiences in their tracks. In a Zippia survey, 89 percent of customers said they have switched to a competitor following a poor customer experience. With open-time email, contextually relevant information is consistently delivered on the right channel at the right time based on an individual customer’s behaviors and preferences.

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