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Oct 31, 2022

A Personalized Customer Experience (CX) in Banking

Switzerland is a leading global centre for the financial sector, known worldwide for its stability, security and reliability within its banking services. This makes it a “safe haven” for many personal and business investors.

But like many other global financial institutions, marketers are challenged with legacy systems that are not designed for the modern marketer who wants to personalise customer experiences. Fragmented legacy data also introduces latency into customer insight, making real-time decisions impossible.

Adding to marketers’ challenges, internal data and governance policies restrict or delay adoption of cloud technologies. Many Swiss financial services institutes require that data does not leave the safety of on-premise solutions or private cloud environments and remain strictly in Switzerland.

This causes many problems for the modern marketer who wishes to move to a more personalised customer experience by interacting with their customers and prospects through an omnichannel approach. Personalisation and improving customer experience are high on the list of CMO strategies.

Personalising customer experiences requires insight into everything that is knowable about your customers and prospects. Including aggregated data from legacy systems such as lifetime value through to real-time streaming data from website activity or call centre interactions.

The Role of a CDP in Data Transformation

To mitigate the challenges of latent and siloed data while complying with data protection regulations is why financial institutions are implementing robust enterprise customer data platforms (CDPs) as a single point of control over data, decisions and interactions to improve customer experience.

This is where Redpoint Global’s customer data platform comes into play. rg1 allows all of your data to be pulled together, cleansed, matched and merged, providing you with a single customer view without any data leaving the safety of your firewalls, ensuring data security and compliance with regulatory requirements. rg1 provides support for GDPR requirements such as Right of Inquiry, Subject Access, Data Lineage and Right to be Forgotten.

Solving data quality and integration issues – quickly and affordably – is what Redpoint does better than any other provider or partner. Redpoint’s data quality assurance solution provides data profiling to discover data inconsistencies and anomalies. Redpoint cleanses data with advanced master key management, contextual matching, standardization, normalization, identity/entity resolution, merging/purging, householding, parsing, geocoding, address standardization/correction, de-duplication, validation, migration and enrichment that quickly and dramatically improves data quality.

The rg1solution has an open garden approach to connectivity which allows integration with any existing databases or customer touchpoints, negating the need to “rip and replace” your existing marketing automation channels. This ensures you get maximum value from your existing technology investments and allows you to connect to any future technologies or channels as they become available. Thus, future proofing your investment into a CDP.

rg1 provides marketing and operations with a single point of control through its intelligent orchestration layer, delivering real-time, personalized engagement across all of your channels. It also enables you to design and coordinate individualized customer journeys across inbound and outbound, and digital and physical touchpoints. It is flexible enough to help you execute either simple one-off campaigns or complex multitouch, multichannel customer journeys. Dynamic rules and content allow you to match each customer’s cadence as their interests, needs and preferences evolve

rg1 allows you to have your cake and eat it – providing you with real-time omnichannel orchestration whilst keeping your data within the confines of your country and organisation.

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Martyn Payne

Sales Director EMEA at Redpoint Global

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