Author: Todd Hinton

As VP of Engineering, Data Management for Redpoint Global, Todd Hinton leverages more than 20 years of technology management and software development experience to his oversight of Redpoint Global’s data management product offerings, including master data management and the Redpoint Customer Data Platform. Connect with Todd on LinkedIn and Twitter.

by Todd Hinton | November 22, 2016

Data Management and the Modern Data Architecture

Investing in a powerful data management solution is a crucial component of long-term marketing success, especially given how difficult it is to engage customers in…

by Todd Hinton | November 9, 2016

The 5 Critical Components of a Modern Data Architecture

The business world is increasingly data-driven, with more organizations realizing the need to make a concerted investment in data management so they can better understand their customers…

by Todd Hinton | November 2, 2016

Why Data Quality is the Key to Business Analytics Success

Business analysts are increasingly critical in the modern data-driven economy. They determine market trends, analyze performance data, and even present insights to executives that will…

by Todd Hinton | June 14, 2016

Another Positive “Shift” for Redpoint

This week we released Redpoint Data Management version 7.3, which now includes native support for Amazon Redshift.  As many of you already know, we’ve long…

by Todd Hinton | February 18, 2016

Four Questions to Ask When Buying a Data Quality Tool

When you’re evaluating data quality tools, it’s important to ask key questions that will help you ultimately monetize your data faster and more efficiently. It’s…

by Todd Hinton | January 21, 2016

Good Data Illuminates Our Understanding. Our Language Should Do the Same.

There are a slew of terms used today to identify a responsibility within a company when dealing with data. Data Management, Data Quality, Information Governance,…