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Author: George Corugedo

A former math professor and seasoned technology executive, RedPoint Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder George Corugedo has more than two decades of business and technical experience. George is responsible for directing the development of the RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub, RedPoint’s leading enterprise customer engagement solution. Connect with George on LinkedIn and Twitter.

by George Corugedo | November 3, 2016

Customer Data Platforms are the Future of Engagement

Effective customer engagement is incredibly complex in our modern, always-on era. Consumers interact with your organization through a multitude of channels—smart phones, tablets, televisions, laptops,…

by George Corugedo | October 31, 2016

How Customer Engagement in Europe Changes with the GDPR

Shortly after the final vote on the European Union’s General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR), I advised European marketers that everything would eventually be “okay”—even if…

by George Corugedo | July 7, 2016

Intelligent Customer Engagement and the “Always Addressable” Customer

The marketing tech business wants you to believe that putting in the right software will solve all of your problems. Need to increase engagement? Want…

by George Corugedo | June 28, 2016

Big Data, Little Time

Analytics and automation can reduce data prep time. There’s a saying we’ve all heard; when something is difficult, it’s an uphill battle. And lacking the…

by George Corugedo | May 3, 2016

MarTech Myths, Legends, and a Dash of Truth

At a recent MarTech event, Theresa Regli with Real Story Group gave her 10 “Myths” that MarTech vendors tell their customers. CIO recounted those “myths”…

by George Corugedo | March 30, 2016

With Great Connectivity Comes Great Responsibility

You can’t go anywhere without “Big Data” being a central part of the conversation. Even the latest season of House of Cards features a multi-episode…

by George Corugedo | March 25, 2016

Customer Data Platforms Finally Get Their Moment of Glory in the Marketing Supergraphic

(click here to view full size image) Get out your magnifying glass, it’s time to review Scott Brinker’s Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic! Brinker is known around…

by George Corugedo | December 18, 2015

Memo to European Marketers: The Sky is Not Falling

Earlier this week, it was announced that European Union officials reached agreement on the pan-European digital privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which…

by George Corugedo | September 15, 2015

Why Marketing Technology Needs to Consciously Uncouple from the Frankencloud

“Marketing clouds” is one of the most overhyped marketing terms used in the first half of this decade. When marketers are building what they think…