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Author: Dennis DeGregor

RedPoint Global Worldwide General Manager, Customer Experience Dennison "Dennis" DeGregor is a globally recognized CX industry pioneer and innovator. Prior to RedPoint Global, Dennis was WW CX Executive/Chief CX Executive for HP, where he built and led HP’s first Digital CX Business Unit. He is the author of The Customer Transparent Enterprise, which was nominated for a Forrester Groundswell Award. Connect with Dennis on LinkedIn and Twitter.

by Dennis DeGregor | November 20, 2018

How Connected Insurance Drives A Hyper-Personalized Experience

Insurers have long recognized that customer data is their most valuable asset. In today’s digital world marked by an explosion of data and data sources…

by Dennis DeGregor | May 24, 2018

3 Pillars of an Exceptional Customer Experience in Banking

Over my career, I’ve been honored to serve as Chief CX Officer for Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, and Allstate. Over the decades, we’ve all…

by Dennis DeGregor | March 29, 2018

Retail Banks Need to Personalize the Customer Experience Right Now

More than any other sector, financial services is in need of a customer experience overhaul. In addition to waging the ongoing war for high lifetime…

by Dennis DeGregor | March 8, 2018

You Need to Hyper-Personalize the Customer Journey in Travel & Hospitality

As a frequent business traveler, I am always amazed at the lack of personalized marketing and service I receive from my favorite brands. I won’t…

by Dennis DeGregor | January 4, 2018

Why Should Retail Banks Emphasize Omnichannel Customer Engagement?

Outside of retail, financial services has probably been changed most dramatically by shifting customer expectations. It’s easy to see financial interactions – especially the day-to-day…