Flexible and Scalable Architecture

The Redpoint rg1 platform’s modern architecture gives organizations the agility, performance, and reliability needed to achieve superior CX outcomes.

Cloud Native Architecture

The rg1 platform is built on a modern composable cloud-native architecture, for composable and scalable deployment in any cloud environment – Azure, GCP, AWS, and private clouds.

rg1 platform services are exposed and managed with high-performance APIs to easily integrate with cloud providers, Martech and other third-party vendors to support simple to complex use cases.

Composable orchestration

Cloud-native services and APIs

Flexible cloud deployment

The rg1 platform provides robust composable business services for data quality, identity resolution, segmentation & activation, journey orchestration, campaign optimization, and real-time interactions.

Any Channel, Any Technology, Any Time

Our open garden approach enables easy ingestion from any and all data sources, and seamless activation through any CX channel. The platform also provides API-driven integration with content management systems (WCMs, CMSs and DAMs), API management frameworks, cloud marketplaces, AI & ML systems, BI platforms and direct database connections.

Single Point of Control

  • For data ingestion/quality and identity resolution resulting in a holistic view of the customer — a comprehensive Golden Record.
  • For segmentation and channel activation
  • For designing and managing robust omnichannel CX

We give you the power, flexibility, and extensibility to configure the platform to work with your existing technology stack and future-proof for tomorrow. The rg1 platform provides the agility to handle all your CX use cases — simple or complex — and lets you create new ways to engage with customers.

Data Where You Want It

The rg1 platform is designed to work with your choice of operational data stores, data warehouses, and data lakes.

Compatible with structured and unstructured data

Use data in place

Handles both operational and reference data

The platform manages all data associated with campaigns, assets, offers, and responses, and goes beyond most CDPs to provide a consistent, actionable view of the customer across your business operations. rg1 offers no-copy use of most existing Data Warehouses and Data Lakes to avoid the cost and complexity of data duplication.

Robust Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Analytics

The rg1 platform is designed for AI/ML usage throughout. From AI augmentation for data management and data quality to ML-based predictions and decisions to AI generative content for real-time interactions, the rg1 platform gives you native and API-based intelligence.

Our CDP capability includes support for a wide range of AI augmentation for flexible AI-enhanced customer data and identities.

We provide native ML and connectivity to clients' choice of cloud ML/AI (BYOM/BYOA) at the point of need, so marketers can easily use propensity, product affinity, and automated segmentation to drive better CX.

The real-time engine within rg1 includes hooks for native or external decisions in ML frameworks, rules engines, and content generators for AI-supported next-best-offers and interactions.

This broad range of native and external AI & ML capabilities ensures the best outcomes: accurate customer understanding, relevant decisions, and deep integration with enterprise data science initiatives and platforms.

Privacy and Security

We meet our clients’ demands for security, privacy compliance, and process governance across a range of regulated industries.


  • Encrypted data at rest and in transit, with PII protection and auditability
  • HIPAA, SOC2, and ISO 27001 compliance
  • PII Vault for managing PII access and visibility

The rg1 platform helps organizations complete the value exchange equation, with security and privacy capabilities to build consumer trust and support permissions-based customer experience.

Real-Time CX at Every Level

The rg1 platform is architected to deliver the best customer experiences at scale. rg1 has the performance and scalability to handle data, decisions and orchestration at the cadence of your customers. With support for cloud-native DBs, enterprise message buses and real-time caches, the platform meets your customers with timely, flexible and contextually relevant experiences.

  • Integration to your WCM, DXP, or DAM systems to work with your content and offers to build perfect CX.
  • Scalable and economical real-time engine to manage personalization across all channels.
  • Smart Assets to handle segments, rules and content consistently in one place for all your touchpoints.

The rg1 platform delivers end-to-end performance — updating and enriching customer profiles, mediating decisions on offers and actions across every channel and campaign in milliseconds.

Industry's Most Flexible Platform Options

Redpoint’s rg1 platform keeps you in control and your data, secure. Redpoint gives you the option of where you want data to reside — in your cloud or ours. You also have the choice of managing data and platform operations, or we can manage them for you. Control every aspect of your customer engagement strategy — on your terms.

Learn more about rg1 Cloud and rg1 Flex options.

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Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint can put your goals within reach.

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