Redpoint SaaS Delivery Option for Retail Banking

Empowering Retail Banks to Take Control of Customer Data and Deliver Effective Omnichannel Campaigns

Personalized and Relevant Marketing

Redpoint SaaS Delivery Option for Retail Banking is a packaged solution that empowers growth-oriented marketers to take control of their customer data and deliver effective personalized omnichannel campaigns. Redpoint SaaS Delivery Option unifies all customer data into a single view and orchestrates dynamic customer journeys across all touchpoints. With Redpoint SaaS Delivery Option, marketers can optimize engagement with consumers and drive revenue higher while improving operating efficiency ratios. The solution is built on the Microsoft Azure platform, which helps marketers achieve higher value more rapidly with limited IT support required. Redpoint SaaS Delivery Option is the only omnichannel marketing solution that can be implemented in weeks rather than months while providing robust data and customer engagement options, allowing financial services brands to more easily support ever evolving marketing strategies.

Single Customer View

With Redpoint SaaS Delivery Option, retail banking marketers can now easily overcome silos to create a unified, accurate, and accessible view of the customer that is key to personalized omnichannel experiences. This view may be accessed in real time, on an automated basis by engagement systems, or by representatives in branches or contact centers. The most complete and up to date customer profiles can easily be visualized from a web user interface that displays key customer information (e.g., name, address, phone number, email), social profiles, key metrics such as behavior data including contact history, and detailed marketing and transaction history.

Turnkey Marketing Channels

Redpoint SaaS Delivery Option empowers marketers to design, orchestrate, and measure integrated, contextually relevant marketing programs. With Redpoint SaaS Delivery Option, marketers have turnkey access to email, SMS, social, website, and direct mail channels, making it quick and easy to deliver impactful omnichannel campaigns. The solution provides pre-configured channels so marketers can get up and running quickly, all built on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Real-Time Decisions

Redpoint SaaS Delivery Option enables firms to easily manage strategies for delivering dynamic and contextual content to inbound channels such as web pages and landing pages. Redpoint’s real-time decisioning capabilities empower marketers to conduct continuous A/B/n testing and goal-based optimization tactics. Marketers can capture customer preferences and determine how to react in real time based on anonymous and known customer profiles.

Retail Banking Data Model and Templates

Redpoint SaaS Delivery Option provides a comprehensive retail banking data model, which includes all the attributes needed for targeted campaign selections and segmentation for personalized engagement. Redpoint SaaS Delivery Option also includes out-of-the-box campaign templates such as onboarding, cross-sell, and retention campaigns that will increase opens, clicks, and conversions.

Banking Industry Expertise

Leverage deep industry expertise with optional services and support to address all marketing needs from strategy to execution. Redpoint has the partner network, data sources, solutions, and expertise to enable marketers to be more efficient and effective with their marketing dollars.

Business Value Delivered

Redpoint SaaS Delivery Option provides marketers with significant business benefits, including rapid speed to value, reduced cost and complexity, and the ability to impact revenue and customer retention. Key business benefits positively impact operating efficiency ratios, and include:

  • Increase revenue and retention: Communicating with relevant and timely campaigns improves offer conversions and revenue. Having the best understanding of customer interests, history, and preferences allows brands to maintain and optimize the conversation with customers and drive long term customer value and loyalty.
  • Accelerate time to value: Marketers can improve campaign deployment times by at least 75 percent, allowing for faster impact and quick adaption to changing markets.
  • Reduce cost and complexity: Affordable on-demand pricing allows the marketing team to get the most value for their marketing technology investments. Decrease interaction costs by engaging in the right mix of channels and yielding higher responses through fewer touches.

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Solution Brief: Customer Centric Experiences in Retail Banking

Creating highly personalized and contextually relevant engagement

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Solution Brief: Redpoint SaaS Delivery Option for Retail Banking

Empowering Retail Banks to Take Control of Customer Data and Deliver Effective Omnichannel Campaigns

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