Built for Security. Built for ROI. Built for you.


We’ve brought together some uncommon technology to deliver one common result: Tangible ROI.


rgOne, Redpoint Global’s fully integrated solution, delivers you a single point of control to connect customer data and execute marketing campaigns. So your customers can achieve the real-time, hyper-personalized experiences they demand.

Deployment Options

With our flexible cloud architecture and open garden approach, you stay in control. With a deployment that serves your enterprise goals and meets your security needs.

Customer experiences. Transformed.

Move from mass marketing to real-time, 1to1 personalized marketing. With rgOne’s unrivalled capabilities in customer data management, automated machine learning and intelligent orchestration.



Broad segments

Segments of one

Linear journeys

Dynamic Journeys

Static messages

Context-relevant experiences

Delayed cadence

Real-time cadence

Product value

Customer value

Siloed channels


Tangible business benefits. Delivered.

Seal the gaps between strategy and execution. Make double-digit gains in response rates and revenue growth. Across a wide field of use cases and industries: This is the rgOne platform at work. For you.

Omnichannel Personalization

Stage hyper-personalized experiences across all enterprise touchpoints, digital and traditional.

Real-time Decisions

Use advanced analytics and machine learning to consistently present targeted offers, in real time and at scale.

Customer Data Platform

Consolidate all customer data into a single view, to drive contextually relevant interactions with every customer.

Built for Enterprise. Engineered for Results.

The rgOne Platform is purpose-built to meet the highest expectations in performance and scalability, and to stand up to mission-critical requirements. Its open garden approach and flexible deployment options seamlessly process billions of individual data points. So you can easily stage the most contextually relevant customer experiences. Across channels, in real time, with significant outcomes.

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Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint® can put your goals within reach.

Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint can put your goals within reach.

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