In short, We Do Cool Sh#t With Data. Marketsoft is an Australian firm who specialise in helping organisations utilise and drive growth from their customer data. Founded over 30 years ago, we’ve refined, and continually redefine, the way in which data and digital should support a truly customer focused strategy. Working closely with our customers, many seeing us as an extension to their team. Our engagement strategy recognises that not all businesses are the same, each has varying levels of data maturity. We sit somewhere between marketing and IT; speaking the language of customer-focused growth whilst bringing the capability and skills required to deliver on it.

What makes our services unique and sought after in the marketing world is our ability to collect data from multiple sources, cleanse and transform it, and deliver immediate insight. Our experienced, cross-functional team of analysts, data scientists and developers do this using market leading technology, partnering with Redpoint Global since 2016.

Services Offered:

  • Data Audits and Data Assessments
  • Data Hygiene Services
  • Data Enhancement
  • Campaign Management
  • Customer Journey Data Point Linkages
  • Customer Preference Management
  • CDP Solution Support
  • Single Customer View Solutions
  • Data Strategy
  • Insights and Data Analytics
  • Data Reporting
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Data Safe Harbour/Affiliate Marketing Solutions
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