Inbound & Outbound Orchestration

Engage customers on specific channels — or easily orchestrate omni-touchpoint experiences.

Key Benefits

Engage customers across every inbound and outbound channel, and every digital and physical interaction. With rgOne™ as your omnichannel platform and centralized hub, you can process customer data from any source — in real time or in batches. For consistent, individualized experiences across every customer touch point.

Every interaction.

Execute comprehensive strategies that serve the real needs of real customers. However, wherever and whenever they interact with you.

Seamless consistency.

Deliver consistent content, offers and experiences across any and each touchpoint that your customers choose and prefer.

Coordinated optimization.

Use customer actions and insights from one channel to trigger personalized engagement and experiences on every other channel.

Key Highlights

Inbound: Compelling engagement.

Customers expect brand engagement on their terms, on every device — which means recognizing and responding to their preferences, interests and behavior.

That’s why rgOne lets you combine aggregated customer data and insights – all maintained in a Golden Record – with live rules and machine-learning models. So you can create and deliver the most timely, relevant and compelling customer experiences.

  • Websites
  • Registration Forms
  • Mobile Apps
  • Call Centers
  • In-store Kiosks
  • IoT Devices

Outbound: Persuasive engagement.

rgOne gives you the flexibility of using your existing MarTech solutions to orchestrate outbound communications to customers and prospects — and of deploying campaigns that are batched or triggered. Each delivered to individual customers based on individual actions or inactions.

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Mobile Pushes
  • Social Media Channels
  • Online Ads
  • Direct Mail

Inbound-Outbound: Orchestrated engagement.

With rgOne’s real time inputs and preferences, you can execute holistic customer experiences on one channel and automatically orchestrate experiences on every other channel. With assets and offers that respond perfectly to context, history and timing.

  • Send SMS messages when customers enter specific geofences
  • Send satisfaction surveys after customers complete an in-store purchase
  • Use targeted ads to re-engage non-respondent email recipients
  • Design and deploy new, innovative experiences

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