Anonymous Recognition

Recognize and engage first-time website visitors with rich attribute data.

Key Benefits

Lower bounce rates, higher conversions: This is what comes of highly relevant website experiences to first-time visitors.

And this is the power of the rgOne® platform: With anonymized data, never-before users are presented with compelling content and persuasive offers from the moment they hit your site.

Engagement from the first moment.

Deliver the most relevant content, images, offers and CTAs, even upon the very first time a visitor lands on your site.

Data that goes deeper.

Move beyond the limits of situational data — by targeting visitors using third party attributes that signal specific interests, preferences and demographics.

Conversion in more places.

Create experiences tailored to the individual visitor — to drive prospects deeper into your site and to specific conversion points.

Key Hightlights

Data from anywhere.

When you import lists of prospective customers into the rgOne platform, from any data provider, you’ll easily create specific segments in much the same way you manage your CDP records today.

  • Behavioral and intent data
  • Demographics (age, sex, income)
  • Company, industry or job title

Data fully anonymized.

Use pre-built AdTech connectors to seamlessly anonymize every prospect list. And when those lists are returned? Records are safely managed in an anonymized database where they remain available create the most personalized interactions on your website.

Experiences fully personalized.

Yes, you can deliver relevant content from the moment an anonymous visitor lands on your site.

Using unique third-party identifiers and rgOne’s powerful personalization capabilities, you’ll stage highly targeted, highly individualized site experiences in real time. The possibilities are as vast as the advantages.

  • Display industry-specific heroes, such as to healthcare workers or financial stewards
  • Present targeted offers based on tight gender and age parameters
  • Promote upcoming webinars related to life events, such as paying for college or applying for a first mortgage

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