Anonymous & Known Data

Manage known and anonymized customer and prospect records. In one platform.

Key Benefits

Manage known customer and prospect records – and anonymized versions of those records – within a single platform. For ultra-efficient campaign execution and delivery of highly personalized website experiences, even to first-time visitors. All while respecting even the tightest privacy standards.

A sharper competitive edge.

When you keep known and anonymous records in the same environment, you open your org to breakthrough opportunities in competitive conquest, engagement and experience delivery.

MarTech & AdTech in tandem.

Freely move between MarTech and AdTech systems – to run segments, prepare lists for targeting, and execute differentiated ad campaigns.

Fruitful, successful journeys.

Design the simplest or most complex customer journeys across every channel and touchpoints – and complete them with highly targeted ad campaigns.

“[Redpoint's data management processes] took us from ‘unknown’ or ‘partially known’ profiles to very strong profiles, known both demographically and psycho-graphically.... Plus, for the first time, we have visibility across all of our brands’ data.... This immediately helped us create more meaningful, targeted and timely messaging.”

Andrew Heltzel

Director for Marketing and CRM at Xanterra Parks and Resorts

Key Highlights

One platform. For all the data.

rgOne® puts powerful customer data management solutions into the hands of marketers for companies large and small — for building the most comprehensive views of every customer. This is the Redpoint Golden Record: The gateway to staging compelling omnichannel experiences, from the most basic to the most complex.

The typically burdensome process of removing all PII data is made easy and painless, and managing both anonymous and known customer segments within one platform is made possible. At last and for real.

PII abstracts, more automated.

Define any prospect or customer segment, and seamlessly abstract all PII data — then share it with third party AdTech providers directly from the rgOne platform.

And when those lists are returned? Records are safely managed in the rgOne anonymized database where they remain available create the most personalized interactions on your website or in your acquisition campaigns.

Always confident. Always compliant.

With rgOne, you’ll always be safeguarded from re-identifying customer or prospect records once they’re anonymized.

  • Hashing of unique customer identifiers
  • Restricting analysis to groups, not individuals
  • Built-in re-identification protections

Machine learning. Optimal targeting.

When you take advantage of the powerful machine learning capabilities within rgOne, you’ll accurately identify predictive segments within anonymous datasets. Redpoint’s machine learning algorithms process all attribute data connected to anonymous records — and quickly determine the prime audiences for campaign targeting.

Seamless journeys. Nonstop relevance.

Orchestrate even the complex multitouch, multichannel customer journeys — that include online advertising — with the capabilities of the anonymous database. So when customers prove unresponsive to your outbound messages, you can automatically transition them to highly relevant online ad campaigns.

Peak performance in every journey.

Use all ad performance data – returned to rgOne via pre-built connectors – to optimize campaign journeys, now and all along the customer lifecycle.

  • Exclude customers from ads for products they’ve already purchased
  • Move audiences to the next ad campaign sequence
  • Analyze data to optimize current and future campaigns

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Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint can put your goals within reach.

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