AdTech Connectors

Streamline the seamless execution of online advertising and acquisition campaigns.

Key Benefits

Once defined, forever managed: This is the power of rgOne® in your customer base.

Once you’ve established the parameters of any segment, you’ll easily manage it across both MarTech and AdTech ecosystems. rgOne affords marketers a single point of control for mapping and steering segments across the entire digital ecosystem (website, mobile apps, email, ad networks and social). For greater relevance and higher LTV.

Connected, seamlessly.

Use pre-built connectors to efficiently sync audience segments between rgOne and many leading AdTech providers and platforms.

Targeted, precisely.

Pinpoint your most specific audiences — and target them with ad campaigns that maximize both your budget and the business outcomes.

Personalized, instantly.

Leverage rich attribute data to present compelling content – and to drive conversions – from the very moment that a visitor lands on your website.

“...we have guests that travel with multiple brands, so we're able to communicate with them from the brand that we believe is most relevant to them at this moment in time, for example. We've been able to use [rgOne®] for lookalike modeling and all of our media purchasing.”

Betsy O'Rourke

Chief Marketing Officer at Xanterra Travel Collection

Key Highlights

Pre-built AdTech Connectors

Design customer journeys within the Ad Tech ecosystem via a library of pre-built connectors to AdTech networks — and that connect to Facebook, LiveRamp, Zipline and more.

rgOne empowers marketers to target and engage with prospects and customers more strategically, across every advertising channel.

  • Manage MarTech and AdTech data in the same environment
  • Synchronize data between rgOne and AdTech platforms
  • Efficiently target audience segments with persuasive ad campaigns

Dynamic Segments

Deploy your advertising resources more effectively and more precisely — with pinpoint targeting of customer and prospect segments.

With rgOne, you can use rules to build your segments, or employ machine models to create predictive segments. Then use rgOne’s AdTech connectors to orchestrate ad campaigns designed to specific, pre-selected groups of customers or prospects. To prevent any waste in your budget or non-targeted customers.

Seamless Site Personalization

Stage highly individualized experiences and target first-time visitors on your website – by using anonymized prospect data within rgOne to pre-build effective campaigns. The result? You’ll present the most relevant content and offers even to first-time visitors to your site.

Closed-Loop Performance Tuning

Because rgOne returns all ad campaign performance data, you’ll reliably determine ROI, analyze attribution data, and further refine and optimize every campaign.

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Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint can put your goals within reach.

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