Next Best Action

See clearly. Act smartly.

Key Benefits

With robust data management and powerful machine learning, you can spot the richest opportunities to engage with customers, or even prospects. Relevant offers, perfectly staged content and suggested actions: You’ll see them all with rgOne®, and can marry the right actions to optimal timing. Across every channel.


Experiences that break through.

Infuse every marketing and customer support touchpoint with experiences that sharpen and maintain competitive advantage.


Retention that boosts LTV.

Reward your most valuable customers and stop defection before it happens. With content and promotions that build customer value.


Decisions that avoid danger.

Anticipate and avoid the actions with potentially negative customer effects. And proactively deliver the right messages through the right channels.

rgOne in action.

Now every high-volume B2C or B2B marketer can fully anticipate their customers’ needs, desires and actions. And fully respond with hyper-individualized content and offers. And they can do that with rgOne.

Detect & Prevent Attrition

Use automated machine learning to identify at-risk customers with low engagement, negative feedback, or withdrawn funds from key accounts. And quickly stage the offers most likely to prevent attrition.

  • Sent directly to customer via outbound channels
  • Presented on inbound channels
  • Distributed to customer service teams

Prompt Loyal Customers

Identify micro-granular segments of your loyalty program members showing a decline in activity, and stage targeted promotions to move them forward in their journey with you.

Deploy outbound channels, social media or even anonymous ad targeting to present offers for stimulation, re-engagement and renewal.

Act on Sentiment Changes

Monitor for changes in customer sentiment about your brand, whether positive or negative. Then respond quickly, effectively and confidently.

  • Send surveys or simple emails to customers with high sentiment scores, thanking them for their business
  • Equip your customer service teams to proactively reach out to customers with low sentiment scores

Prevent Negative Outcomes

Remind members and customers of the important events, tasks and milestones that impact their financial, health or lifestyle goals.

  • Schedule a diagnostic or preventative appointment
  • Add a life insurance policy with the birth of a child
  • Contact for a product recall or repair

Promote Positive Outcomes

Encourage members and customers to take advantage of the opportunities that come from their positive actions — such as sustained loyalty, on-time payment history, current status, and more.

  • Promote wellness incentives for losing weight
  • Offer discounts as rewards for customer tenure
  • Inform on new product availability

Win New Customers

Present highly relevant offers, messages and calls to action to convert anonymous or known prospects to new customers. Synthesize and draw from all available data (including behavioral patterns, demographics, geographics and more) to identify and act on the profile of your next loyal customers.

Drive Up-sell, Cross-sell and Add-ons

Use customer events and triggers to identify a customer’s next best products. Pinpoint the products and services most likely to convert prospects into customers, and the optimal messages, timing and channel for each customer.

Individualized actions at scale.

Create next best actions by anticipating every customer’s needs, preferences and intent. And deliver personalized, persuasive messages that are in lockstep with every lifecycle stage.

Perfectly orchestrated.

Use machine learning models to monitor customer data and to suggest your next best actions. Then deploy the perfect content, channels and treatments at every step along the customer journey.

Perfectly aligned.

Ingest customer data inputs and formulate decisions – all in real time – to marry your next best actions match to every customer’s unique cadence and channel preferences.

Perfectly delivered.

Leverage existing last mile touchpoints to present the most relevant content and offers. In perfect coordination with one another.

“The average age of our customer is 55+; many are married, and at the peaks of their careers. They’re getting ready to retire. If they have children at home, they may soon become empty-nesters, With Redpoint®, we can follow these lifecycle stages very closely, so that we can optimize our marketing spend promoting the right offer to the right audience. ”

Andrew Heltzel

Director for Marketing and CRM at Xanterra Parks and Resorts

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Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint can put your goals within reach.

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