Model Building

The most complete, most advanced framework for defining models aligned with business goals, and automatically training with historical customer data.

Key Benefits

Marketers build sophisticated models in rgOne® with remarkable ease: Define a business goal, select training data, and tell rgOne’s Automated Machine Learning (AML) module to build a model to meet that goal.  

Data Scientists and engineers can choose to control the process in much more detail, choosing algorithms, defining fit, examining data, and testing model results before models are published. All of which means better results at faster speed and greater usability. 

Complexity made easy.

Step each user through training complexities with a simple sequence of questions to allow data citizens to manage simple or sophisticated business modeling needs.

Tuned to your needs.

Enjoy the benefits of models specific to your data, processes, campaigns and customers, all with less complexity and fewer scientific expertise requirements.

Deep controls & algorithms.

Enable data scientists to expose and use the entire set of controls for managing model details and measuring model fitness.

Key Highlights

Marketing intelligence. Made intuitive.

Build advanced models through an easy to use web application that seamlessly walks marketers through the required steps.

  • Pick the business problem to solve, along with model name and type
  • Choose the data, from any new or existing file, with which you’ll build the model
  • Start the model training, which will build the model to solve your problem
  • Once the model is trained, publish it for universal accessibility in rgOne or other platforms

Aligned to your business – and expectations.

Pick the goals on which to train your models. Then generate the targeted results in future interactions, such as minimizing the propensity to churn.

You can also tell rgOne’s AML module to find hidden similarities and differences among your customers, by automatically building clusters for segmenting or analyzing the entire customer population.

Easy data inputs.

Handle input data files from any source through File Manager, or directly import customer data flat files to build your model. With rgOne, marketers can use data drawn from customer interactions, transactions and behaviors — or any source — and make it easily available to train your models. With nearly any degree of customer detail.

  • Demographics such as age, gender, home address, and marital status
  • Transaction details including last purchase, frequency, and purchase channel
  • Customer behaviors such as web page views, social likes, and mobile app use
  • Inferred, aggregated or purchased information including affinities, preferences, and loyalty

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Get Started on Getting Ahead

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