Visualization & Reporting

rgOne® offers data visualization of every aspect of machine learning, so even the most advanced models are understandable and easy to use.

Key Benefits

Easily manage the whole machine-learning workflow, providing insights into data, models, and customer experience — to maximize your results with minimal effort.

Imbedded visualization.

Effectively integrate visualization into workflows. Reporting is easily accessible by marketers, data engineers, and data scientists. In every rgOne module they use.

Best-of-breed BI tools.

rgOne lets you use existing BI tools, and integrates with PowerBI and Tableau, among others — to visualize model performance and all interaction parameters.

Understandable AI.

You can measure model fitness and track customer response — to help the entire org understand even the most sophisticated approaches.

Key Highlights

Data-to-Action. Closed-Loop.

Evaluate model readiness, progress and results, all in a closed loop.

  • Review data files before training, to ensure data quality and pick model parameters/li>
  • Monitor progress and fitness during training, to determine quality and readiness of models/li>
  • Measure effectiveness during live customer interactions, to select, refine and optimize models

Machine Learning. Simplified.

Review and measure machine-learning behavior to inform and make your best choices. Track model performance against business goals during training — and when models are deployed — to drive engagement systems.

  • See fitness graphically as models are trained
  • Show models in action using A/B/n testing to measure and visualize results
  • Track model usage and performance across every campaign and touchpoint

Decisions. Visualized.

Machine-learning models represent critical decision points for audiences, offers, product recommendations, and customer affinities. That’s why rgOne’s Automated Machine Learning module gives you immediate insights on these pivotal moments.

  • Review audience details directly in interactions
  • Use timelines to compare behavior as customers change and models update

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Get Started on Getting Ahead

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