Customer/Consumer Cadence

Customer Cadence is a method used for strategically timing engagements when following up with customers  (ex. Email, mobile app notifications, BOPIS journey, pop-up help boxes). This concept is customer-in rather than product-out and each engagement will vary depending on the different needs of organizations. Cadence can encompass real-time and near-real-time journeys where interactions are triggered by customer actions. For example, a business with a high volume of Buy Online Pick-up in Store (BOPIS) purchases may not need to operate in real-time because most customers won’t pick up their purchases within X-number of minutes after ordering. A window of time between order and fulfilment is more appropriate for this business and will be more cost-effective than a real-time approach.

At its core, Cadence is about meeting the customer with an appropriate action in the right channel at the right time, whether BOPIS, optimal timing for an Abandoned Cart email, a “time to renew” message, a mobile loyalty offer, etc. The customer expectations and journey are driving (or influencing) the timing, rather than systems and blind rules.

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