Real-Time Data Layer

Our raw performance and scalability. To power your real-time customer engagement.

Key Benefits

With rgOne®, customer data from every internal and external source is updated in real time. So you have the most complete and accurate information to build the most highly personalized campaigns.

Real-Time Customer Cadence.

Keep up with changing customer needs, demands and interests by synchronizing updates – from disparate data sources and systems – in sub-second response times.

High Relevance.

Deliver highly relevant, timely and personalized customer experiences. By building campaigns and journeys with the most complete and accurate data available, in the Golden Record.

Enterprise Access.

The Golden Record stands accessible in real time to every experience touchpoint, including website, mobile apps, email, call center applications, and more.

“Taking time to deliver personalized experiences for customers drives loyalty and fosters a strong positive sentiment of the company. We know to build lasting customer relationships; we need the most accurate real-time customer data accessible through a continually updated single customer view. Redpoint’s rgOne® platform will be a fundamental element to help deliver this type of personalization at scale.”

Phil Bienert

Chief Marketing Officer at 1-800 Contacts

Key Highlights

When you leverage continually updated customer profile data, you drive effective, real-time engagement. Across every channel.

Golden Record

rgOne operates in real time. Which means your Golden Records are as current and accurate as possible, and offer the most contextually relevant source for every campaign and engagement.

Available Across Channels

With rgOne, the data that exists within a customer’s Golden Record is available in real time to support website, mobile and email campaigns, call center operations, even IoT and in-store devices.

Real-Time KPIs and Marketing Metrics

Using aggregated behavioral and transactional data, rgOne continuously calculates key marketing and service metrics, such as LTV, recency & frequency, and customer sentiment.

Proven Scalability

rgOne is proven to handle ultra-high volumes of records in low latency (in fact, in sub-second time for the complete process of ingest, normalize, match, enrich and activate). So you can keep up with the cadence of your customers.

Data Enrichment

Customer data within rgOne can be enriched with attributes from internal and external sources such as credit scores, geo-spatial details, and organization and household relations. All in real time.

A True Real-Time Platform

The high performance and low latency of rgOne’s customer data management capabilities support every critical requirement for real-time decisions and intelligent orchestration.

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Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint® can put your goals within reach.

Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint can put your goals within reach.

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